The Feadship Escape is Far More than Just a Beautiful Superyact

The Feadship Escape is Far More than Just a Beautiful Superyact

The very creative minds at Feadship have unveiled their latest masterpiece, and it goes by the name of Escape. This cutting-edge superyacht truly raises the bar with some incredible innovative features and is ready to go into production; all you need to do is sign on the dotted line.

Given what’s happened around the world this year we’d bet that some people reading this are at the stage where they just want to get away, leave it all behind and forget about it. No doubt a good number of us have sat at home, allowing our minds to wander and thinking “anywhere but here”, and “what if I could live away from everyone and come and go as I please?” Well, we know of one way and it’s by becoming the new owner of the aptly-named superyacht, Escape.

Unlike some recent superyacht designs we’ve seen, the Feadship Escape is quite beautiful and is packed to the hilt with some amazing features which are precisely what we would expect from one of the world’s most forward-thinking superyacht builders.

With its incredibly-sleek exterior, Escape can best be summed up by one word and that is ‘stunning’, Unlike some other superyachts we’ve seen over the past year or so, its allure is not only skin deep. Feadship’s designers have paid particular attention to adding features that makes Escape stand head and shoulders above its peers.

So what is it that stands Feadship’s Escape apart from all other? Well for starters, it has a spectacular moon pool providing a 360-degree view of the underwater world and a greenhouse where owners can grow their own herbs and vegetables.

Escape's private submarine in the atrium

If that isn’t enough to wow you, it even has a private submarine and myCopter – a personal drone helicopter that enables passengers to ‘secretly’ escape and explore their surroundings by sea and sky.

At the epicentre, the atrium will be a communal space for family and friends to gather around the moon pool. Filled with seawater, the moon pool doubles as a secret submarine landing zone, as well as a swimming pool where passengers can enjoy inter-deck splashes via the giant slide, or take the panoramic glass elevator into the sea to marvel at the surrounding ocean fish tank.

The atrium sits at the centre of the Feadship Escape

Meanwhile, the garden and greenhouse will create a healthy onboard ambience and space to fully switch off, also complemented by a state of the art wellness area featuring a spa, sauna and massage room.

With a number of green innovations, a stand out feature will be the 700 square metres of solar panelling, which will be a first for a yacht of this size. Plus, a number of other technologies have been designed to enable fuel consumption savings of up to an impressive 35%, whilst providing excellent manoeuvrability at full speed, silent electric cruising and a wealth of redundancy options.

Sustainable technologies will also include hybrid propulsion, plus an enthalpy wheel to pre-cool the AC intake with exhaust air, as well as reheat AC air with waste heat from the generators.

The herb garden inside the Feadship Escape

Commenting on the new concept, Feadship’s Marketing & Brand Director, Farouk Nefzi says “This is a very exciting time for Feadship as we continue to push boundaries in superyacht innovation. Working with world-class designers on this project, we have created new, sustainable technology which we hope can be shared across the industry as we continue to build a greener footprint. Whilst there are many remarkable yacht concepts, very few are realistically achievable. We are therefore extremely proud to say that the designs for Escape are actually possible to create, and ready to be built today, offering a first-of-its-kind experience.”

The exterior of the Escape superyacht

Based in the Netherlands, Feadship is renowned for its pioneering and world-leading designs, breaking the boundaries across technological advancement, architectural craftsmanship, engineering and one-of-a-kind achievements. Escape will fully embrace all these pillars to offer new possibilities as we look forward to the next generation of superyachts.

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The Feadship Escape is Far More than Just a Beautiful Superyact 2


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