Hokan Adds New Sea Green, Stackable, Stylish and Sustainable Stoneware Bowls

Hokan Adds New Sea Green, Stackable, Stylish and Sustainable Stoneware Bowls

Hokan Bowls has unveiled the latest addition to its line-up, which comes in the form of a stylish sea green-coloured collection with lids that are oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. In this feature, we shed some light on why Hokan Bowls are proving highly popular in households across the country.

In this day and age, when the dangerous chemical treatments attached to certain household products are hitting the headlines around the world, you’ll be pleased to know that Hokan’s products are BPA-free.

Hokan’s unique storage solutions are made from stoneware, which is a dense pottery fired at high temperatures, making it non-porous and, consequently, odour and stain-free, things that cannot be said of plastic alternatives.

Culinary fans will also be pleased to know that the bowls heat evenly and retain heat efficiently, and cooking and baking with the lid on keeps moisture in and the temperature stable. Taking the lid off allows the top surface area to crust or brown.

The Sea Green range is also perfect for all one-pot wonders, including stews, curries, pasta, gratins, soups, risotto and individual pies, and the list goes on.

One of the bowls shown holding fresh peaches

Looks are important. However, Hokan’s stoneware bowls don’t only sport a pretty face. The range is robust enough for everyday food prep, and the bowls and lids are brilliantly stackable, eliminating any fear of toppling or spilling, saving space in the fridge when storing leftover or pre-prepped food for the next meal.

They can also be taken straight from the oven, fridge or microwave to the table. A dark cupboard is no place for these culinary works of art, and they’ll look great on kitchen shelves and countertops.

Whether buying for yourself, friends or family, you can be assured that Hokan bowls will offer a durable and rather lovely lifetime of cooking, as well as gaining many admiring glances.

The volume of each bowl is determined by its height, which keeps all of the lids the same size for each bowl, so there is no need to search through the kitchen for the correct lid – they all work. You can also use the lids as a side dish!

Three bowls stacked on top of each other

Hokan Bowls in NEW SEA GREEN, RRP £80 for a set of three or individually:

  • Small: 400ml, RRP £24
  • Medium: 600ml, RRP £27
  • Large: 1000ml, RRP £30

Giving Back
Hokan is partnered with The Felix Project, which helps feed local communities in London by rescuing surplus food from suppliers and redistributing it to over 1,000 frontline charities and schools. For every small bowl sold, Hokan donates 1.5 meals; for every medium bowl, three meals; for every large bowl, 4.5 meals; and for every set of three, nine meals.

The Sea Green collection is available at hokanbowls.com.

The three different sized bowls stacked on top of each otherHokan Adds New Sea Green, Stackable, Stylish and Sustainable Stoneware Bowls 2

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