Hypnos’ New Origins Orthos Collection, Designed to Aid Sleep Disorders

Hypnos' New Origins Orthos Collection, Designed to Combat Sleep Disorders

Luxury British bed and mattress manufacturer Hypnos has unveiled its Origins Orthos Support Collection, designed with a naturally firmer feel for those who prefer more support for a more rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Over a quarter of the UK’s population suffer from back pain*, which is thought to impact sleep quality negatively. Hypnos’ Orthos collection combines firmer mattress support, something that can help with back pain, alongside the finest, high-quality natural and sustainable materials, and made with true British craftsmanship.

Each of the three beautifully handcrafted Orthos Support mattresses can help ensure excellent sleep night after night, which has been proven to be pivotal to our health and well-being.

A dark pink coloured bed with green bedding

The range is available in firm or extra firm support levels and features Hypnos’ proven ReActive™ pocket spring system, which is expertly engineered to follow the body’s contours and alleviate pressure points. The higher the number of active turns in the spring, the better it responds to the sleeper’s shape, height and weight, resulting in the ultimate sleep experience.

A blue bed with the new mattress covered in a yellow coloured quilt

The Orthos Collection contains breathable, sustainable, and responsibly sourced fibres throughout. The fibres closest to the surface are the luxurious wool layers, which are breathable, naturally temperature-regulating and known to repel dust mites.

Hypnos is pioneering in how they source their wool, committing themselves to British farms and farmers and fairly paying them for their wool. It is the first brand to introduce traceable British wool certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, a globally recognised standard developed by the Textile Exchange.

This standard is new to the UK and introduces expertise from major wool-growing regions worldwide alongside climate strategies for the future. Adhering to this progressive standard means considering the wider impact of the whole supply chain on the environment, animals and community.

The collection also uses Hypnos’ eOlus™, recycled breathable fibres which, alongside the pocket springs, enable air to flow around the mattress, helping to dissipate moisture. This combination of Hypnos’ smart and sustainable fibres helps to regulate temperature and wick away moisture, making for a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

The finely woven, unbleached natural cotton surface is fire-resistant and chemical-free.

A close up view of one of the wool tufts

Each mattress is hand tufted to secure these layers of fillings in place, creating a beautiful undulating surface. The mattress borders are traditionally hand side-stitched to enhance support at the border. And best of all, each Orthos product is designed to be recyclable at the end of its life.

Amanda Castle, Marketing Manager at Hypnos, explains, “Sleep is critical to our well-being. Sleep quality impacts everything, from our state of mind and whether we are at our best, physically and mentally, which is why it’s so important to get the right mattress for your sleep needs.

“It’s well established that a good mattress will support your back correctly and help you to get the best possible night’s sleep. That means your mattress should be designed to distribute body weight evenly to support the natural contours of the body and spine. Comfort is, of course, subjective, but a firmer mattress, such as those in our expertly designed and handcrafted Origins Orthos collection, will provide firm spinal support and comfort.”

A pioneer in sustainable and ethical bedmaking, Hypnos has been handcrafting beds and mattresses for nearly 120 years in Buckinghamshire. The company aims to make a positive environmental and social impact, investing in responsible innovation, nature-based circular designs, and initiatives to combat climate change. Furthermore, Hypnos has been carbon neutral for over a decade.

For further information on the Orthos range and your nearest retailer, visit www.hypnosbeds.com.

* https://www.nuffieldhealth.com/article/six-million-britons-living-with-undiagnosed-back-pain.

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Hypnos' New Origins Orthos Collection, Designed to Aid Sleep Disorders 2

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