MB&Fs Founder Maximilian Busser In Conversation with Luxurious Magazine

The dial of the MB&F LM (Legacy Machine) 1, one of Maximilian Busser's first designs.

PG: MB&F creations are absolutely unique, in brief, what’s the process from idea to production model?
Maximilian Busser: Interestingly, the ideas come to me without any particular reason or through any specific thought process. I imagine a piece of 3D horology and sketch it.

Then with the help of Serge Kriknoff, my business partner and the head of our technical development & production. Along with the famed independent designer Eric Giroud, we transform that sketch into a real 3D design.

MB&Fs Founder Maximilian Busser In Conversation with Luxurious Magazine 3

Then, once we are happy with our concept we take it to the watchmaking engineers who usually fall off their chairs! After they’ve have recovered, they work for a few weeks and come back to us to explain what is possible, what is not, and maybe what could be done instead. It is the moment we take the final concept decisions and redesign it before launching the whole technical development. After this, we have prototyping, pre-series and finally, years later the first production pieces will come out. Each new piece is a journey…

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PG: The latest MB&F creation, the HM3 ReBel, is simply incredible. From concept to the finished model, how long did it take?
Maximilian Busser: The HM3 took approximately 3 years from the idea to the first deliveries. The right-handed ReBel is a very limited variation on the HM3 theme.

PG: MB&F was at Basel World 2011, what did you want to achieve at this show?
Maximilian Busser: ‘The Basel Fair’ was a two-fold event for us: the press presentations and the retailer orders. This year we showed our retail partners the next Machine which will be unveiled to the press and public at the end of the year. And, to our complete surprise, we sold over three years of production in seven days. Everyone was going hysterical. This was the first time I’ve seen something like this in my twenty years in the Industry!

PG: Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Maximilian Busser: Thank you! Good grief, there is so much I would love to talk about but let’s just finish by saying to all your readers that to my knowledge, one of the secrets of happiness is finding what your own path is and then doing everything in your power to walk down it. And therefore to stop living a life that everyone around you dictates to you!

MB&F and Maximilian Busser – Where and how?

For more information about MB&F and to contact Maximilian Busser, visit their official website at www.mbandf.com

Boulevard Helvétique 22
1207 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 786 36 18

Interview with Maximilian Busser by Paul Godbold

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