UBUNA’s Joshua Winarick on Why Ostrich Eggs are the Next Big Beauty Trend

UBUNA's Joshua Winarick on Why Ostrich Eggs are the Next Big Beauty Trend

Most of us will happily slap various creams on our faces when it comes to anti-ageing potions. Everything from snail slime, fish eggs and bee venom have all found their way into creams and are being hailed as must-have treatments for banishing wrinkles. But the latest must-have natural remedy is ostrich eggs.

Sabi Phagura caught up with Joshua Winarick, Vice President and Co-Creator of the UBUNA range, to find out more.

Luxurious Magazine: We are so intrigued by what’s in the UBUNA range. Tell us how and when it was discovered that ostrich eggs could help anti-ageing?
Joshua Winarick: A leading Professor in Avian studies at the University of Kyoto Prefecture, had been researching the anti-body count in yolks of unfertilized Ostrich eggs. Ostriches are one of the oldest and the least evolved species in the animal kingdom. This is because of their high anti-body count. They live up to 60 years and rarely develop any illnesses during their lifetime.

Our partner Osamu Maeda, a young biotech entrepreneur from Osaka, learned of the study and contacted the Professor. Though the original intention of the study was for medical purposes, Mr Maeda saw the immediate opportunity in adding anti-bodies to skincare products. He surmised that while the human body develops its anti-bodies to fight viruses, we do not develop them topically. The introduction of anti-bodies topically applied help to defend and treat the skin against various skin issues.

A woman holding one of the brand's beauty products close to her face

LM: What qualities do ostrich eggs have that can help anti-ageing compared to other ingredients found in creams such as snail slime, fish eggs and bee venom?
Joshua: I’d like first to clarify that it’s not ostrich eggs per se used in our products, but rather the anti-bodies within the yolks of the unfertilized eggs. These are extracted from the ostrich and through a humane process that does not harm or hurt the ostrich in any way, and we don’t take every egg, making it a sustainable resource.

The anti-bodies infused into our skincare products help act as a protective defence against environmental factors that are the root cause of major skin issues – crepiness, lines and wrinkles and skin discolouration. It was also proven in studies that these same anti-bodies could help boost collagen production. In addition, we utilize natural Japanese derived ingredients that have a long heritage with the Japanese consumer.

LM: What kind of tests were carried out to prove that the eggs contributed to halting the march of time when it comes to our skin?
Joshua: Testing was conducted at the University of Kyoto Prefecture on the anti-bodies effects on the skin in terms of hydration, wrinkle reduction and tone.

The UBUNU range of products laid out on a table

LM: How long did the process take from inception to the finished product?
Joshua: For the development just of the UBUNA products, it took approximately five years to conceive the concept, develop the formulas, design the packaging and refine the marketing. The anti-body studies had been conducted for several years prior and continue today on the medical side.

LM: We all know skincare is big business. Do you think the covid pandemic has any impact on the way we view our skin and approach our beauty regime?
Joshua: Covid lockdowns allowed us to spend more time on ourselves and to learn and experiment with products and ingredients that the hustle and bustle of daily life might otherwise restrict us. While makeup sales dropped dramatically, skincare for the face and body boomed. Our business increased rather substantially during the pandemic and lockdown, especially on the online platforms.

Two of the beauty products being held in each hand

LM: Ubuna creams have been launched in the UK. Is it true that over 5,000 women were on the waiting list to get their hands on one?
Joshua: Yes, it is true! Word of our unique ingredients and products, customizable concept, plus our Japanese heritage made its way around the beauty influencer world quite quickly. Demand was built in several important beauty markets, with the UK being one of the biggest. When we finally launched on Net-a-Porter and Cult Beauty, it was a huge success. Our next phase will see the brand available in some important brick and mortar beauty retailers and spas in the UK.

LM: How often do you have to apply the products, and how long does it take to see the results?
Joshua: The unique aspect of our range is its true customizable aspect. Besides containing tour globally-patented anti-body technology, each of our four hero serums and two moisture creams contains an additional treatment ingredient cocktail that targets a common skin – hydration, brightening, protection or regeneration. Each formula is formulated to work together in any combination so that you can create your bespoke treatment. So, the answer to your question is as often as your skin needs it. Let your skin be your guide.

The UBUNA Discovery set which is available to order online

LM: Tell us briefly what products are available and where we can expect to buy them.
Joshua: As mentioned, we launched the brand with four serums. With feedback from our loyal customers and retailers, we were encouraged to broaden the range and have since added two moisture creams depending upon the type of texture and hydration level your skin needs.

We will be adding a cleanser soon with several other innovations, all based on anti-body technology and Japanese actives. We are available in the UK on Net-a-Porter and Cult Beauty. We will be expanding to key brick and mortar locations and spas very soon.

UBUNA – Where and how?

UBUNA is a cross-cultural beauty collaboration between Thomas Winarick and Osama Maeda of Japan’s Zeal Cosmetics. The brand was five years in the planning and centres around Zeal’s globally-patented AntiBody technology.

You can see their full range of products and learn more about the company and how they use anti-bodies from ostrich eggs at www.ubunabeauty.com.

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