Don’t Let Bed Bugs Bite: Why Luff Sleep’s Luxury Bamboo Silk is the Solution

Don't Let Bed Bugs Bite: Why Luff Sleep's Luxury Bamboo Silk is the Solution

With the French bedbug infestation threatening to spill into the UK, Luff Sleep have an easy first step to take to arm your home against the little terrors. Opt for Bamboo Bedding! As these apple-seed-sized critters can travel on suitcases, clothing and even pets, arm yourself with all the tools you can.

Why Bamboo Silk Is The Answer
As we’re warm and cosy in our beds, our bodies can lose up to 25ml of moisture every hour, so mattresses and sheets can be the ideal breeding location for bed bugs.

Luff Sleep’s Bamboo Silk is naturally breathable, absorbent, quick-drying and antibacterial, making an unpleasant home for bed bugs and a brilliant first defence against them nesting in your home.

A bed fitted with a white set of sheets

How is Bamboo Silk Naturally Antibacterial?
Bamboo fibres naturally contain ‘Bamboo-kun’, a natural antimicrobial agent that resists pests and reduces bacteria growth rates. This not only makes it a more eco solution to cotton, as the plant can be organically harvested without the use of pesticides or herbicides (making it a Vegan-friendly crop) but also reduces bacteria growth rates when on your bed, keeping your bed fresher for longer.

It is a less smelly option in situations where you sweat, like on hotter nights or under thick duvets in winter. Bamboo is the best choice for your overall well-being, all in your sleep.

Two photographs showing the grey and white bedding options

Luff Sleep’s sheets come in white or grey, as pictured above.

  • 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Pillowcases (2 Pack) in white, grey [or dark grey]: RRP £49.99
  • 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding Fitted Sheets, in white or grey: Single, Double, King and Super King, from RRP £59.99
  • 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding Duvet Set (pillowcases and duvet cover), in white or grey: Single, Double, King and Super King, from RRP £99.99

Not all Bamboo is created equal, and there are even some fake Bamboo products on the market. All of Luff Sleep’s products contain or are made from their own uniquely woven organic Bamboo. Their own patented Cloudtec® memory foam fills the pillows and mattress toppers, which gently cradles your body for personalised support and unparalleled comfort.

All the Luff Sleep Bamboo Bedding products are just 100% Organic Bamboo, 700 thread count. No harmful substances or chemicals and fully Oeko-tex certified to ensure trust and reliability in the textile industry.

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A close up view of a grey fitted sheetDon't Let Bed Bugs Bite: Why Luff Sleep's Luxury Bamboo Silk is the Solution 2

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