Artist Magnus Gjoen and Meissen Collaborate on New Collection

Artist Magnus Gjoen and Meissen Collaborate on New Porcelain Collection

We always enjoy writing about collectors’ pieces that could increase in value; after all, who wants to buy high and sell low? A new collaboration between artist Magnus Gjoen, and the renowned porcelain manufacturer, Meissen, launches at the end of this November. In this feature, we look at what’s in the new collection that contains a message of hope.

Magnus Gjoen and Meissen’s partnership sees the launch of three new Cupid figurines, addressing current affairs and bringing to life humanitarian values through the innovative design of each figurine. The partnership sees two iconic names joining forces to create a unique and thought-provoking collection that conveys a positive message in these troubled and uncertain times.

Having launched in the early eighteenth century, European porcelain manufacturer Meissen, has established a reputation for creating the finest decorative pieces. Over the years, Meissen porcelain figurines have become a highly prized collector’s item, with some pieces changing hands at auction for tens of thousands of pounds.

About Magnus
Magnus Gjoen is a contemporary artist who began his career working in fashion for leading brands, including Vivienne Westwood, where he spent eight years. His artworks blend the practices of fine art with elements of pop culture to create innovative and thought-provoking designs, making him a popular and highly-collectable artist.

Two of the pieces from the Cupid collaboration

Amor I – Love Always Wins
Named Cupid (Love Always Wins), this angelic Cupid is seen throwing a grenade of love rather than destruction. In a world full of technology, Cupid’s arrow is no longer enough, and the need to bomb people with love to distract them from their screens is the only solution.

The cherub holding a purple Love Bomb

The cherub’s mission is to spread love and end the conflict, with the ability to establish hope and love within his hands. (RRP £3,500).

Amor II – Love not War
Aptly named Cupid (Love Not War), this figurine shows Cupid looking at a rocket he has just broken in two. It will no longer be used to cause destruction and pain. Victory over ignorance has been achieved. (RRP £3,500).

The back of the Love over Hate Cupid

Amor III – Love Over Hate
Cupid (Love Over Hate) shows Cupid cutting away barbed wire in the act of love over hate. It symbolises how love knows no borders and his sheer determination to bring unity to the world. Combining the two different materials of smooth and elegant porcelain with the steel barbed wire fencing, the symbols themselves allude to love and hate. (RRP £3,500).

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Artist Magnus Gjoen and Meissen Collaborate on New Collection 2

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