Artist Magnus Gjoen’s Porcelain Meissen Cherubs and Limited Edition Prints

Artist Magnus Gjoen's Porcelain Meissen Cherubs and Limited Edition Prints

A new collaboration between London-born artist Magnus Gjoen, and leading porcelain manufacturer, Meissen gives collectors and enthusiasts a chance to own an iconic figurine and stunning prints, any of which would make an ideal gift on Valentine’s Day.

Magnus Gjoen is an artist who works in a wide range of styles and media. Many of his works draw on history, merging it with a pop and street aesthetic encapsulated in a style akin to fine art. He was born in London to Norwegian parents, and his early life was spent in Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, and the UK.

His career began in fashion, working for world-renowned brands, which included eight years at Vivienne Westwood. His thought-provoking designs have made him a highly collectable artist, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, last-minute lovers now have the chance to spoil their art-loving other-half by treating them to a limited-edition collection piece from the Magnus Gjoen/Messien collaboration.

These bespoke pieces are the perfect gift for any partner looking to spoil their loved one with a rare collectable to add to their collection or even become a catalyst for starting their own collection.

Cupid is the god of desire, attraction, love and affection, which is why he is so intertwined with Valentine’s Day. Meissen and Magnus have created a collection of unique Cupids with an anti-war message. They comprise:

The three Cupids with their anti-war messages

Amor I – Love Always Wins
In this piece, this angelic Cupid is seen throwing a grenade of love rather than destruction.

Amor II – Love Not War
The figurine shows Cupid looking at a rocket he has just broken in two.

Amor III – Love Over Hate
Cupid shows Cupid cutting away barbed wire in the act of love over hate.

All of the limited anti-war Cupids are priced at £3,500 each.

Magnus has also released a selection of stunning prints for Valentine’s Day for those who want to invest in something to show off on their walls instead of their tabletops.

The No Longer Fear The Darkness artwork

Of the print collection, the one we found the most striking was “No Longer Fear The Darkness”. However, others such as “I Hold Your Faith Hold Mine”, “She Will Dance Again”, and “The Dancer” will make equally ideal gifts on Valentine’s Day. The 80cm prints are priced at £1500, and the 40cm prints are £250.

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Artist Magnus Gjoen's Porcelain Meissen Cherubs and Limited Edition Prints 2

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