The Montegrappa Odyssey Chapter I Limited-edition Writing Instrument

The Montegrappa Odyssey Chapter I Limited-edition Writing Instrument

Montegrappa, known globally for creating the world’s finest writing implements, has unveiled its latest masterpiece, Odyssey Chapter I, which is an extraordinary ode to the sculptural and storytelling styles of Ancient Greece.

Montegrappa’s triumphant new limited edition marks the beginning of a new collector series and is a comeback for high craft. The Odyssey Chapter I is a love letter to the Classics. The writing implement is the first in Montegrappa’s new Greek Mythology series, which comprises limited edition fountain pens and rollerballs, all crafted in the best artisanal traditions of Bassano del Grappa.

The components making up Odyssey Chapter I use hallmark house techniques to channel the pomp and pride of Ancient Greece. A meticulous lost wax-casting process has been used to recreate scenes from Odysseus’ journey in miniature sculpted friezes and the majesty of Corinthian architecture in stunning cap ornamentations.

A close up view of the pen barrel

Greece’s most ornate columns are also featured with an arrangement of acanthus leaves, rosettes, and volutes, which were recreated by Montegrappa’s casting workshop on miniature and micro scales.

Bas-relief engraving also contributes to the luxurious finishing of Odyssey Chapter I, which is used to create Greek fret detailing that has long been a hallmark of Montegrappa’s high-genre models. Representing eternity and the flow of human life, the iconic Meandros motif also symbolises the wanderings of the Odyssey’s hero.

A close up of the pen cap, which is designed to mimic a Greek column

Further enhancing the extraordinary look of Odyssey Chapter I are engraved resin, finished to mimic the fluted contours of Corinthian column shafts and representations of Zeus, the Greek god of sky and thunder.

Each Greek Mythology edition will be an ode to a specific Greek god, featured in a micro-sculpture and, on fountain pens, on a two-tone 18K gold nib.

A carved relief on the pen cap showing Zeus throwing a lightning bolt

The Fountain pens are fitted with ebonite feeds and carry Montegrappa’s highly-regarded, patented piston-fill mechanism.

As indicated by the title, Odyssey Chapter I is a limited edition, with only fountain pens and rollerballs available, the number of which represents the value of ‘Ελλα$ ς’ (Greece). As much as this writing implement can be used, it is also a display piece, which is why it comes with a wooden Trojan Horse that doubles up as a display stand with storage.

The wooden Trojan Horse

Each of Montegrappa’s extraordinary creations is made by hand at its headquarters located beneath Monte Grappa in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. The headquarters

Artisan-operated since 1912, Montegrappa’s historic factory combines expert craftsmanship with state-of-the-art machinery and tooling to continually explore the limits of writing instrument design. Among the most recent releases from the heritage manufacturer are the Theory of Evolution—a dedication to Charles Darwin—and the action-figure-inspired Gladiator.

Prices for the pieces in the new limited edition collection start from €8,295. Odyssey Chapter I is available via leading department stores, fine stationers, watch and jewellery boutiques and via

The fountain pen and rollerball editions next to each otherThe Montegrappa Odyssey Chapter I Limited-edition Writing Instrument 2

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