The North Island, Seychelles/Clinique La Prairie Wellness & Detox Experience

The North Island, Seychelles/Clinique La Prairie Wellness & Detox Experience

ASMALLWORLD has announced a special partnership with the world-renowned medi-wellness group Clinique La Prairie. The partnership has resulted in a unique and immersive wellness experience that will take place on the exclusive private island, North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles.

North Island is quite an extraordinary place. It is located in the inner islands of Seychelles and is known for its privacy and luxurious offerings. Thanks to its unspoilt tropical location, it proves that extreme pleasure and having a conscience can co-exist. With sweeping views of the vast Indian Ocean, each guest on North Island will receive an unparalleled sense of exclusivity.

The natural surrounding at the exclusive luxury island resort

The luxurious destination is also very committed to sustainability and transcendent escapism and provides a rare opportunity for meaningful reconnection with the surrounding natural beauty. The retreat has 11 luxury villas, each handcrafted and sits within a verdant wildlife sanctuary. This beautiful, secluded destination provides the perfect setting for an immersive and rejuvenating wellness experience.

North Island is somewhere you can rediscover your inner-self and escape the modern world’s stresses. For 2022, they are raising the bar even higher by welcoming Clinique La Prairie, hosting two week-long detox experiences designed to harness the power of cellular and nutritional sciences.

Regular readers should be familiar with Clinique La Prairie and their world-leading week-long health, regeneration and wellness programs, which are based on a unique holistic approach encompassing longevity science, wellbeing, nutrition, and movement. Its Master Detox program is the world’s most premium and bespoke cleansing experience, and this year, guests on North Island will be able to experience their treatments in the hands of their renowned experts.

The experiences will provide guests with a first-hand experience of Clinique La Prairie’s four pillars for a longer, healthier, and fuller life. Leading experts from Clinique La Prairie will be flown in from Montreux, Switzerland, to oversee the advanced detoxification treatments, which range from heavy metal screening to regenerative wellness and detox nutrition, which have been designed to scientifically purify the body and boost gut microbiome.

Detox Science

  • CLP Cellular Genomics Detox: exclusive one-month treatment composed of 100% natural nutraceutical supplements with anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory and beneficial properties for the microbiota.
  • Holistic Health Detox Kit: two months of supplements to support the natural cleansing processes of your body after your stay.
  • Heavy metal screening to determine overexposure and recommendations.

The detox diet throughout the week is a feast!

  • Dishes are centred on vegetables cooked with fragrant herbs and spices and specifically tailored to your test results. They are prepared with imagination as well as nutritional know-how to help flush out toxins and regulate the body’s inflammatory process.
  • CLP Detox diet, with an anti-inflammatory & progressive 7-day meal plan.
  • Detox juices and herbal infusions with detox virtues are served during the stay.
  • Clinique La Prairie Detox teas to take home.

Gain precious awareness about how nutrition can fuel a life of health and vitality…

  • Throughout the week, an expert nutritionist provides personalized advice for long-term balance.
  • One clinical nutritional assessment and one consultation with the nutritionist to develop a personalized nutritional plan based on results during and after the stay.
  • Private nutrition masterclass: learn how transforming your food can improve your health, boost your mood and increase mental focus.

Inspired by North Island experiences

  • Outdoor movement activities (e.g. Guided hikes, Tree planting, Bike riding, Snorkeling, Paddle, etc.)
  • Sunrise Yoga & Ayurveda.
  • Sunset Yoga & Ayurveda.

Science-Driven purification

  • Clinique La Prairie Detox Signature massages (60 min).
  • Clinique La Prairie Detoxifying body scrub and wrap (60 min).
  • Cellular Detoxifying facial with Clinique La Prairie Swiss Perfection cosmetics (60 min).

Mind Wellness

  • Ultimate wellness detox experience: reflexology and relaxing Signature massage with singing bowls (90 min).
  • Deep listening experience – Meditation.
  • Peak walk and Meditation.

A father and daughter having fun planting trees

In addition, North Island has activities such as yoga, guided hikes, tree planting, bike riding, and snorkelling inspired by the movement within the programme.

The two seven-day programmes will take place from 26th November to the 3rd December and from the 4th to the 11th of December 2022. The programmes are priced at EUR 68,000 for single occupancy and EUR 85,000 for double occupancy.

The interior of one of the luxury villas

The package includes the Clinique La Prairie’s exclusive “Body & Mind Detox” programme, accommodation for seven nights in one of North Island’s 11 exclusive villas, and a full-board (detox diet). A brochure for the programme can be found here:

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The North Island, Seychelles/Clinique La Prairie Wellness & Detox Experience 2

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