How Omno and Libra Wellness Pampers their Customers and Mother Earth

How Omno and Libra Wellness Pampers their Customers and Mother Earth

The current trend of skincare being paired with sustainability and made with premium ingredients free from harmful chemicals and additives seems to be growing stronger. More demanding and aware consumer means personal care products need to be transparent with their formulations as well as their manufacturing practices, and two recently launched brands, Omno and Libra Wellness, embody this clean-living and clear-conscience ethos.

Omno is a personal care brand rooted in the belief that harmony and balance within ourselves and our planet are optimal living.

Some of the body care products in the current range

With the mission of fostering a symbiotic relationship between personal well-being and environmental stewardship, Omno adheres to a strict process of using sustainably sourced ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and collaborations with organisations promoting environmental conservation and empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Originating from Singapore, Omno uses formulations tailored to cater to the unique nature of the Southeast Asian climate. Their product range, such as hair cleansers, is infused with hydrolysed pea protein, while their body and hand cleansers are made with skin-friendly ingredients such as sugar cane, coconut oil and beetroot, all Ecocert-certified plant extracts.

The letter Ø for Omno represents zero nonsense and zero compromise, ensuring that the promise is kept with the utmost sincerity.

Alexis SueAnn with the productsDerived from the word moon, Omno mirrors the equilibrium the moon brings to our lives and the environment.

With three signature scents available – Solace, with a zesty profile featuring citrus and ginger; Moonatic, containing sage and cypress for a woody aroma; and Odyssey, featuring rose and spices, pays tribute to the brand’s Asian roots.

But Omno’s commitment to sustainability isn’t just lip service or green-washing. It goes beyond the formulations to their packaging, where their bottles are crafted from 70 per cent post-consumer resin (PCR) and 30 per cent recyclable polyethene terephthalate (rPET), which reduces their carbon footprint.

“Our mission is simple,” says Carmen Butt, the Founder and Brand Ambassador of Omno. “We are here to pamper our customers and Mother Earth. All our products are vegan, and every step of our supply chain is laced with ethical and sustainable sourcing, partnering with the likes of ECOcert, COSMOS, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and USA BIO-preferred Program to keep our promises true.”

In an innovative step, Omnouses uses top-tier facial skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, organic oils, facial oils, and a cocktail of plant extracts for their body care line.

Omno Body and Hair care products are available online at

Three of the products in a setting filled with greenery, next to half a coconut

Libra Wellness was founded in 2021 by virtue of personal necessity. Founded by Jeremy Andrus and Carmen Khor, when the couple moved back to Malaysia from Chicago, where they were previously based, Jeremy found his skin acting up.

Rashes with itchy skin plagued him, and while he knew where to get skincare supplies, which relieved him of these skin ailments, in his new location, he was at a loss. Luckily, his wife’s family had connections to product manufacturers in Thailand, where Jeremy managed to source some products to alleviate his skin condition.

They began distributing these Thai-made skin care products, but continued requests from his growing customer base about Malaysian products that catered to sensitive skin prompted him and Carmen to make their own, and that was how Li’bra by Libra Wellness was born.

Jeremy holding up one of his productsToday, they are a pioneering Malaysian ethical beauty brand which is revolutionising personal care with its innovative approach.

Their Skin Balancing Body Wash contains avocado oil, broccoli extract and coconut, which restores balance in skin PH while leaving skin hydrated and nourished. Sulphate-free, this star product has a citrus botanical scent with notes of passionfruit, grapefruit and florals.

“As founders of Libra Wellness, we believe in a holistic approach to beauty that extends beyond skin deep. Our commitment to ethical practices is woven into the very fabric of our brand.

From sourcing natural, cruelty-free ingredients to ensuring no harmful chemicals are used, we are dedicated to creating products that not only enhance your well-being but also reflect our unwavering commitment to the planet and its inhabitants,” said Jeremy Andrus, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Libra Wellness.

“It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good—knowing that every product you use from us is a testament to our ethical values and a celebration of the beauty in conscious choices,” stated Carmen Khor, Co-Founder and Director of Brand of Libra Wellness.

Their Moisture Restore Shampoo also uses avocado oil, broccoli extract and coconut, which gently cleanses the hair and scalp and does not contain animal derivatives.

Three photos of the products

With a botanical scent with notes of violet leaf, gardenia and blood grapefruit, this and the other li’bra products use 100 per cent aluminium bottles which are recyclable.

For further information about li’bra by Libra Wellness, please visit

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