Exploring the Pierre Marcolini & Carine Gilson Valentine’s Day Collection

Valentine's Day Chocolate collection from Pierre Marcolini in collaboration with Carine Gilson

LM: How do you ensure you are following ethical sustainability?
PM: It is crucial for me to collaborate on an ethical basis with the planters in order to protect their know-how and their soil. We signed a charter in 2019 mentioning three points: no child labour, no glyphosate and we do not use cocoa beans which come from hyper-productive trees containing CCN-51. We also pay above the price defined by the stock exchange for our cocoa beans. These elements outlined give the opportunity to the planters to preserve their know-how as well.

LM: Do you have a celebrity following?
CG: The brand is supported by international celebrities such as Kate Moss, Kirsten Dunst, Monica Bellucci and Naomi Campbell. We are also popular with Middle Eastern royals, who generally choose to stay anonymous.

PM: We are an official Court supplier in Belgium, and we had several collaborations in the past with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Olympia Le Tan, Peter Pilotto… and of course Carine Gilson.

Exploring the Pierre Marcolini & Carine Gilson Valentine's Day Collection 4

LM: Pierre, are you are in control of the entire production process for your chocolates, cakes and macarons?
PM: Yes, we produce everything in Brussels. Besides the chocolatiers, we also have a team dedicated to our pastries and cakes. We just decided to relaunch our éclairs in Brussels. They will be exclusively available from Friday to Sunday from our boutique outlets. Everything is fresh, and we are delivering new stock to our boutiques every week.

Macarons are also produced in our workshop from the biscuit made with almond powder to the ganache. The entire Maison Pierre Marcolini collections are made from our workshop in Brussels with a team of 60 artisans.

LM: Pierre, do you personally source all your other ingredients?
PM: I try to visit the cocoa planters every year, and I also visit Italy for the Piedmont hazelnuts.

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LM: What’s your favourite chocolate from your collection?
PM: I am very proud of our Grand Crus selection of tablets with beans from Madagascar, Cuba, Venezuela, Cameroon and Ecuador. The Coeur framboise has been one of my signature chocolates since the very beginning, and the macaroons especially made for the Valentine’s Collection are my favourites.

LM: What’s the secret to keeping romance alive?
PM & CG: Chocolate and lingerie!

Pierre Marcolini – Where and How?

To purchase Pierre Marcolini Valentine’s Day gifts, visit eu.marcolini.com.

Carine Gilson – Where and How?

For more information about Carine Gilson, visit www.carinegilson.com.

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