The 2nd Sustainable Gastronomy Festival in Mauritius Returns in July

Heritage Resorts to Host the 2nd Sustainable Gastronomy Festival in Mauritius

In two months, Heritage Resorts in Mauritius will be hosting the second Sustainable Gastronomy Festival on the island in collaboration with the renowned Michelin Green Star Chef Thomas Collomb. The festival runs from July 10 to July 15, 2023, and will champion local chef talent alongside the diversity of rich agricultural offerings in Bel Ombre, reinforcing the region’s culinary credentials.

This year, under the patronage of Thomas Collomb – head chef at one Michelin star restaurant, La Table d’Hôtes – who has an extensive background in French cuisine and an unmatched talent for blending classic techniques with modern flavours, the hotel aims to craft a unique gourmet experience for guests over the course of the week.

One of the expertly prepared dishes ready to be eaten

“We are thrilled to have Chef Thomas Collomb on board this year with his flair for exquisite French cuisine and passion for sustainability all perfectly aligned with our goal of highlighting the locality of the produce. It’s also a perfect opportunity for our chefs to hone their skills, experiment with new ingredients, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable cuisine. Our guests are in for an unforgettable culinary experience!” says Raoul Maurel, COO of Heritage Resorts.

A Unique Opportunity To Experience Sustainable Cuisine

A guest enjoying a meal during the culinary week

The Sustainable Gastronomy Week will offer a unique gourmet experience for visitors of all ages. Guests can enjoy a variety of events, including:

  • Sustainable Cooking Workshops: Chef Thomas Collomb will conduct workshops for both visitors and chefs from the domain, showcasing local Mauritian cuisine and sustainable cooking techniques.
  • Sustainable Food Tastings: Guests can sample a variety of sustainable dishes created by Heritage Resorts’ chefs.
  • Sustainable Market Tours: Guests can visit local markets to learn about the sustainable production of food in Mauritius.
  • Sustainable Gala Dinners: Held every night throughout the week, guests can attend a truly sustainable gala dinner with wine pairings where only the best of local and seasonal ingredients are used.

*Prices for each event to be published soon

During last year’s edition, Heritage Resorts collaborated with local farmers and fishermen to create a menu that highlighted the unique flavours of the Bel Ombre Territory.

Local fresh produce in the market

This year, Heritage Resorts is taking the sustainable gastronomic celebration to the next level, where guests can expect to experience the intensity of the island of Mauritius while protecting its integrity.

Heritage Resorts believes that luxury is compatible with longevity and is committed to showcasing the best Bel Ombre has to offer in every dish, as well as a creative and innovative approach to sustainability.

Three chefs working the the kitchen

Having received a positive reception last year, chefs of each hospitality venue across the Domain will have the opportunity to work on a unique, sustainable gala dinner, which Chef Collomb will evaluate along with other members of the jury. This friendly competition will see the winner join the Chef in his restaurant in France for a week-long immersive workshop.

In 2022, Chef Krisnen Ruttun of C Beach Club won the top prize and spent one week working in Lyon with renowned Michelin Star Chef Christian Tetedoie.

Heritage Resorts and its culinary partners are dedicated to eliminating food waste, providing eco-friendly and short-circuit food solutions, cultivating culinary connections with local food producers, and helping the development of the surrounding communities.

A wooden tray holding a variety of fresh fruits

The chefs will produce innovative new culinary creations that emphasise the wealth of locally captured, grown, and reared ingredients by using local resources gathered from the island’s farmers, fishermen, and growers.

This event highlights Heritage Resorts’ commitment to sustainable practices through its sustainable program, Now for Tomorrow.

Located on the southern coast of Mauritius, the Bel Ombre territory is a land of natural beauty, rich in cultural and culinary heritage. With its fertile soil and a bountiful sea, the region is home to a variety of fresh, flavourful ingredients that inspire local cuisine.

Keen to embark on a tantalising gastronomic adventure that will expand your culinary horizons? Heritage Resorts welcomes travellers to enjoy a truly refined tropical luxury on the alluring island of Mauritius, staying at one of their charming beachfront hotels, Heritage Le Telfair or Heritage Awali.

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