Syrco BASÈ’S New Menus Champion Indonesia’s Artisans & Culinary Traditions

Syrco BASÈ'S New Menus Champion Indonesia's Artisans & Culinary Traditions

After its triumphant debut in Indonesia’s dining scene at the beginning of this year, Syrco BASÈ, the pioneering culinary hub north of Ubud helmed by two Michelin-starred chef Syrco Bakker, is set to unveil its new menus. Responding to the shifting season while sharpening its focus on Bali’s artisans and the archipelago’s diverse food traditions, the new menus reaffirm Syrco BASÈ’s commitment to transparency, nature and traceability.

At the culinary hub’s flagship venue, Syrco BASÈ Ku, just 14 guests are guided by Chef Syrco through a three-hour epicurean journey that transcends dining to create a singular gastronomic experience.

Open evenings twice a week, the intimate space in earthy tones of sage green and hazelnut brown overlooks the edible garden, providing the ultimate “playground” for the world-renowned chef to demonstrate his culinary philosophy and masterful prowess.

Ku is where he connects deeply with guests while meticulously assembling each culinary moment and sharing the stories of the people and the places behind each one.

For Ku’s new menu, the Syrco BASÈ family has created the gastronomic manifestation of its compelling story and core pillars. Throughout the dining experience, 18 culinary moments are served across six chapters, beginning with Traditions and Bali Heroes and concluding with The Future and Indulgence.

The Grouper dish viewed from above

Guests can expect exquisite moments such as GROUPER (aloe vera, sambal ijo, garden blooms), which evokes the tranquil hues of Monet’s Water Lilies, and TUNA (tomato, ginger, walnut), summoning the soothing precision of a Japanese Zen garden.

Commenting on the new 18-moment menu, Chef Syrco explains, “While Ku’s inaugural concept was an ode to Bali’s incredible artisans, products and customs, the new one has been greatly expanded to tell our evolving story.

“From our respect for local traditions, culture, and religion and our harmonious collaborations to our constant research and development processes and desire to surprise and delight, the new menu ultimately showcases on the plate how we live our core values and beliefs.”

A photograph showing a round hole in the wall and a photograph of a dish being tasted

The three new menus, which are housed within the terracotta walls and elegant wood panelling of Syrco BASÈ Restaurant—a sophisticated yet sociable two-floor sanctum with a seating capacity of 50—offer the best of Bali and innovative testaments to Indonesia’s diverse culinary traditions.

Ku and the restaurant have expertly formulated alcoholic and 0% pairings to present the region’s most outstanding libations. Meanwhile, fine wine pairing is under the expert guidance of sommelier Noa Tanghe, who was part of Chef Syrco’s team at his former establishment, Pure C, in the Netherlands.

A crab and rice dishThe Bali Heroes concept comprises eight moments honouring the island’s revered traditions, from vivid marigolds used in daily offerings to the gods to tantalising freshwater snails foraged from nearby rice fields, which for centuries have been a valuable source of protein for Bali’s agrarian communities.

“The best local products from Bali are prepared with respect to make them shine and emphasise the commitment and artisanship of our deeply valued producers and specialists,” says Chef Syrco.

In the Plant BASÈ menu, the richness and diversity of Bali’s fertile soils are captured in nine plant-based moments. When developing the new concept, the Syrco BASÈ family thoroughly researched and connected with the local area’s long history of natural remedies, known in old Balinese as ‘ubad’, from which the town of Ubud takes its name.

Guests can look forward to moments such as PAPAYA, combining the abundant local fruit with young coconut, curry leaf, coconut yoghurt and temper.

“With the new concept, we wanted to highlight the health-giving properties this fertile region offers us in every herb, fruit, plant, flower, and vegetable, including those grown in our garden,” adds Chef Syrco.

The Heritage concept is a Michelin-starred celebration of both beloved and little-known Balinese and Indonesian traditions, inspired by the countless flavours and textures prepared by generations of home cooks across the country.

The star of the new menu is the red thread uniting the nation’s 1,300 ethnic groups, the crucial component of almost every Indonesian meal: sambal.

A food dish served on a Pandan leaf

Whether melded into a moment or served on the side so diners who suka pedas (like it spicy) can increase the heat to their taste, Syrco BASÈ is inviting guests to delve deeper into Indonesia’s quintessential condiment.

“From the citrus notes of Sumatra’s Andaliman pepper to the rich umami of South Sulawesi’s ebi (tiny dried shrimp) to the rustic nature of Bali’s fried shallots and garlic, we’re inviting guests to share our love of sambal and its vast array of ingredients, methods and traditions Indonesians couldn’t live without,” concludes Chef Syrco.

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