Toki Listening Bar at Seed Library Brings the Sounds of Tokyo to London

The House of Suntory Launches the Toki Listening Bar at Seed Library

The Toki Listening Bar is bringing together the soul of Japan’s music culture and the artistry of Toki Whisky, creating a sensational experience for Londoners to enjoy this November at Seed Library.

Nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, Seed Library has long been celebrated for its commitment to providing an exceptional auditory experience. As the House of Suntory continues to celebrate a century of pioneering Japanese spirits, the Toki Listening Bar brings together the soul of Japan’s music culture and the artistry of Toki Whisky, providing a sensational experience for Londoners to enjoy this November at Seed Library.

From the 1st to the 30th of November, a selection of specially curated Japanese Toki whisky cocktails will be available at the Toki Listening Bar, alongside vinyl mixes from MAJ (My Analog Journal).

The concept is to capture old meets new Japan – taking inspiration from nostalgic and retro elements of Japan’s Golden Era and reviving them with a modern twist.

The music will sound from Seed Library’s infamous DJ booth. Sets have been selected to represent the decades of musical influence in Japan from the 1950s – a key period for Japanese bar culture – to the present day. Bringing guests the ultimate “Suntory Time” – a time to connect and come together.

Every Thursday, a new guest DJ will be welcomed to Seed Library to play alongside the MAJ artists. Timeline includes:

  • Thurs 9th November – MAJ spotlight – 8 pm-12 am: Shaqdi and Kay Suzuki
  • Thurs 16th Nov – MAJ spotlight – 8 pm-12 am: Ceylan Goksel and Mari* Kimura
  • Thurs 23rd Nov – MAJ spotlight – 8 pm-12 am: Zag Erlat and Nina Yamada
  • Thurs 30th Nov – MAJ spotlight – 8 pm-12 am: Zag Erlat, Shaqdi and Ceylan Goksel

In addition, on 22nd November, there will be an exclusive bar takeover by legendary Japanese bartender Hidetsugu Ueno from Bar High Five in Tokyo. Guests can enjoy a bespoke Suntory highball menu created by Ueno himself.

Located within One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel, Seed Library’s interiors convey the impression of being inside a record station, featuring panelled wood alongside bespoke furniture upholstered in warm orange and red tones, providing a space away from the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch High Street.

A bottle and cocktail on a shelf next to some headphones

Listening bars originated from ‘Jazz Kissa’. Unique to Japan, these are spaces where jazz music is played for dedicated listening rather than as background music.

Today, new generations have reinvented this concept, opening listening bars across the world. These bars are filled with tradition, much like Toki – a blended whisky inspired by the House of Suntory’s proud heritage and innovative spirit.

Those wishing to visit the Toki Listening Bar can do so via walk-in or booking a table via the Seed Library website.

A bottle of Suntory by a record player

The specially curated cocktail menu includes the following:

  • The High Five Highball: Toki whisky, cold soda, and a selection of optional garnishes
  • Shinjiro Daisy: Toki whisky, lemon, sunflower, pumpkin seed amazake and raspberry leaf bitters
  • Red Ball Sazerac: Toki whisky, English currants, and white absinthe
  • Kazu Martini: Haku vodka, Kasu “cured” lemon and dry vermouth
  • Calamansi Mule: Roku gin, galangal, citrus and ginger beer

The Toki Listening Bar follows the launch of the brand’s centennial campaign in June, with the House of Suntory partnering with Academy Award-winning Director Sofia Coppola and Actor Keanu Reeves to create the Suntory Anniversary Tribute, which tells the remarkable story of the brand heritage and whisky-making legacy over the last 100 years, depicting the meaning of “Suntory Time”.

In honour of the centennial, the House of Suntory has also released several limited-edition whiskies that highlight the unique Japanese craftsmanship at Suntory’s whisky distilleries and their meticulous art of blending, including Yamazaki18 Year Old Mizunara and Hakushu 18-year-old Peated Malt whiskies. Limited 100th anniversary labels of the flagship Yamazaki 12-Year-Old and Hakushu 12-Year-Old have also been released for the centennial.

For more information about the House of Suntory, click here. Search #SuntoryTime for more information, or visit @suntorywhisky.

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