Venezianico’s Nereide Madreperla Captures the Magic of the Northern Lights

Venezianico's Nereide Madreperla Encapsulates the Beauty and Magic of the Northern Lights

Alberto and Alessandro Morelli’s watch company, Venezianico, has created the Nereide Madreperla timepiece to celebrate the mystical allure and beauty of the Northern Lights. The watch boasts a striking green dial, which gives an accurate representation of the world-renowned lights thanks to the innovative use of mother-of-pearl.

The sparkling green lights in the Northern skies have fascinated and encapsulated humans since the dawn of humanity. There is so much mysticism and magicalness surrounding the lights that they draw people to them worldwide.

The Nereide Madreperla celebrates the Northern Lights, but its name is taken from mother-of-pearl, a marine gem loved for its brightness and iridescent sheen. The watch’s dial is made from mother-of-pearl with delicate shades and glittering reflections that evoke the enchantment of the aurora borealis in the night sky.

The new timepiece being worn on the wrist

Aurora, known as polar, northern, or southern lights, is a light display in Earth’s sky, usually seen in high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic). Although in 2023, the light show could be seen in Scotland on many occasions.

Auroras are dynamic patterns of brilliant lights that appear as rays, spirals, curtains, and dynamic flickers covering the sky. They result from disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind.

Significant disturbances result from enhancements in the solar wind speed from coronal holes and coronal mass ejections. These disturbances alter the trajectories of charged particles in the magnetospheric plasma.

The watch laid on its side on a rock with the Aurora Borealis in the background

The electrons and protons precipitate into the atmosphere. The resulting ionization and excitation of atmospheric constituents emit light of varying colour and complexity. The form of the aurora, occurring within bands around both polar regions, also depends on the acceleration imparted to the precipitating particles.

Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, travelled from east to west announcing the sun’s coming. Borealis” and “australis” come from the names of the ancient gods of the north wind (Boreas) and the south wind (Auster) in Greek mythology.

Nereide Madreperla reflects the green shades and waves in the sky, multicoloured gleams chasing each other over snowy landscapes. Venezianico remembers the explorers of the Far North in its most famous diver, Nereide, which evokes all the mystery of the magical polar nights through a brilliant green mother-of-pearl dial.

The dance of lights confined to the most extreme latitudes is conveyed through the detailed crafting of mother-of-pearl, according to the distinct Italian taste of Venezianico.

The slice of mother of pearl used for the watch's dial

After selecting the raw material, shaping and polishing follow to achieve a uniform and smooth surface. The final process is delicately dying the dial in an emerald green colour without altering the natural reflections and beauty of the mother-of-pearl.

Two images, the first showing the dial components,, the second showing two versions of the finished timepiece, one with a rubber strap,the other with a steel one

The dial features indices and hands treated with the luminescent Super-LumiNova®. a sapphire crystal paired with a unidirectional 120-click bezel with a tungsten insert, one of the toughest materials in the world, protects the dial.

The Nereide Madreperla is powered by the Swiss precision of a Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement, housed in a 42mm case made of surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring water resistance up to two hundred meters.

The rear of the watch showing the engraving of a submarine

An engraving of the Nereide submarine while sailing underwater covers the rear case, and this early 20th-century vessel inspires the whole collection of Venezianico divers.

You get a premium quality rubber strap completing the shape of the case, which can also be fitted with the Canova stainless steel bracelet for greater versatility.

Venezianico’sNereide Madreperla timepiece is priced at 623 euros. If you would like to find out more about the company and its current range of watches, please visit

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A frontal view of the watch with the Northern Lights in the backgroundVenezianico's Nereide Madreperla Captures the Magic of the Northern Lights 2

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