Viajante87 Unveils First Full New Cocktail Menu Inspired by Latin America

Viajante87 Unveils First Full New Cocktail Menu Inspired by Latin America

Notting Hill’s neighbourhood gem Viajante87 has unveiled its brand-new cocktail menu following its preview of a selection of cocktails in September. Led by Bar Director Pietro Collina and Brand Manager Veronica Di Pietrantonio, the menu is inspired by the duo’s travels through Latin America and pays homage to the diverse cultures of the region, with drinks designed to honour traditions and local ingredients through a playful yet sophisticated West London lens.

Launching on Tuesday 14th November, the menu is split into sections which represent the journey a traveller takes from tourist to local when exploring and immersing themselves into new cultures.

The sections, titled Be Comfortable, Be Curious, Be Courageous, Be Present and Be Involved, are designed to take guests on a journey, whether looking for comfortable classics or more innovative and experimental serves.

A classic cocktail photographed in low light

Beginning the journey at Be Comfortable, guests can expect familiar classics with simple yet intriguing touches to ease them into their cocktail journey.

The Spicy Margarita is a peppery and vivid take on the classic, made with Tapatio Blanco, lime, a house citrus liqueur and a choice of three different pepper tinctures. Choose “Green”, made with jalapeño, mint and coriander for a herbaceous kick; “Yellow”, made with tropical habanero, mango and passionfruit for a spicy and tropical twist; or “Red”, made with smoked chipotle, arbol pepper, and toasted corn for a warming and fragrant finish.

Those looking for a martini need look no further than the Glacier Martini, which, served at -18 degrees, is one of London’s coldest. A combination of Apostoles Gin, Barsol Perfecto Amor, vermut bianco, and “Plum, I Suppose”. Garnished with charred olives, it is fresh, minerally, and bracingly chilled with gentle savoury notes.

Onward to Be Curious, this section invites guests to delve deeper into the flavours of Latin America with cocktails utilising more unusual ingredients yet made with familiar, classic structures.

The Vino Tropical cocktail

The Vino Tropical is elegant, floral and fragrant and is a carbonated mix of Ica Valley Chardonnay, kiwi cordial, jasmine and pox, an ancient Mexican liqueur made with yellow, red and purple corn, wheat and sugarcane; a take on off-dry champagne, this sophisticated serve showcases the incredible wine of the Ica Valley, Peru’s most important wine region.

For a perky and bold twist on a classic, opt for the Carajillo, a Latin Espresso Martini made with coffee and Licor 43; the staple drink of Mexico City, it is silky, spiced and bittersweet.

Travelling to Be Courageous, the cocktails in this section celebrate the ingredients and flavours found in the lesser-known corners of Latin America and represent the moment when a traveller truly embraces the sense of adventure.

More obscure but utterly delicious, guests are invited to challenge themselves with unexpected flavours and sensations that will surprise and delight.

The 90210 is a celebration of the Argentinian classic of Fernet and cola and is a bright and punchy combination of Fernet Branca, house cola, Discarded Cascara Vermouth, Ayuuk and lemon.

For a striking yet neat treat, the Mole Manhattan is a mix of Lost Explorer Salmiana mezcal, Cacao Licor Criollo, fig, and Cynar; utilising flavours found in Black Mole, it is subtly smoky with bright bitterness and vegetal notes and the ultimate sipper to enjoy throughout the night.

Be Present represents a home away from home after a long adventure, immersing oneself into the true culture of the destination. A selection of sharing cocktails all paired with food, everything is served family style and invites guests to serve each other as they would around the table at home, celebrating the feeling of community.

Drinks include a pitcher of the sweet yet tart Caipirinha, provided for the table with a selection of fruits and muddlers, allowing guests to enhance their cocktails with their own fruity additions or to simply enjoy it as is.

For an agave fix, a 500ml pitcher of tequila or mezcal is available, served with fruit slices, chilli salt and sangritas, paired with Viajante87’s signature guac and chips.

A top down view of a cocktail with a small bowl of olives

Lastly, Be Involved is a unique and playful cocktail adventure for guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience. A collaborative “bartender’s choice” guest and bartender will discuss every element of cocktail creation to result in a wholly unique drink made solely for them at that moment.

Everything from the glassware, the flavours, and the style of the cocktail all the way to the garnish will be explored, and drinks will be kept on file should guests wish to revisit their bespoke cocktail another time.

The bar inside the premises

An experience unlike any other in London, Be Involved is the ultimate part of the traveller’s journey as they explore this unique menu designed to celebrate the cultures, traditions and ingredients of Latin America.

Part of the Thesleff Group, Viajante87 embodies curiosity, a genuine love for travel, and the belief that the journey is as vital as the destination. Translating to “traveller”, the menu mirrors stages of exploration, guiding guests on a transformative experience.

Cocktails range from £15-£17; the menu includes a variety of bar bites such as creamy guacamole, Pato Teriyaki Crispy Rice, and Taco Makis – a celebration of Mexican Tacos and maki-rolls.

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