Why the Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas is the Perfect Product for Art Fans

How the Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas Brings the Greatest Art to the Walls

Displaying and placing art on the wall is getting a technological upgrade thanks to the Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas. This British-designed technology-packed innovation is capable of showing ultra-realistic representations of great works of art, including intricate details, such as surface finishes.

Almost every household or business premises in the United Kingdom will have some form of art on its walls. It is a passion and tradition that has been with us for centuries. Even manufacturers of Smart TVs understand the importance of bringing beautiful art into the home, and they try to do this by having extraordinary images on their screensavers.

However, as magnificent as some of the photographs and paintings they use are, anyone looking at them will always know they are on a TV screen. The main problem with putting art onto screens stems from how they look; without a defined frame and the correct coating on the screen, the images lack soul, depth and emotion.

Some screen manufacturers have tried to introduce more realism by putting a traditional picture frame around the edges of their products, bringing a traditional screen one step closer to an art piece, but it still falls short.

What is needed is a screen that can display beautiful art, which to most people’s eyes will almost indistinguishable from a traditional frame on a wall, and that’s what you get with the Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas.

A dark haired woman staring at a piece of art being displayed on the digital canvas

About the Textura Canvas
The Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas is an ultra-realistic display designed from the ground up in Birmingham, England. An enormous amount of attention has gone into its design, with features such as texture-accurate technology and a diffused anti-glare finish, which precisely represents surface textures and minute details within the artwork.

Being a technological product, and like most modern-day inventions, it can be linked to an app, which allows aspects such as the brightness of the piece to be altered to ensure that what is displayed is as accurate as possible.

Two images showing the digital canvas displaying works of art

The Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas was created to display pieces in a way that does justice to the artists’ visions. Its accuracy also extends to its design as the 27″ digital canvas is surrounded by a wooden frame, with a choice of pine, birch, walnut or a black finish.

Although we have yet to try and test one ourselves, the manufacturers tell us that it is easy to set up straight out of the box.

The digital canvas needs to be plugged into a power socket and the Vieunite app downloaded. From here, users can choose contemporary pieces from Vieunite’s growing artists’ community, including moving images and classic artworks, or they can choose to display their photos and videos.

The frame leaning against the all on top of a sideboard

In addition to offering a choice of what is to be displayed, the app also allows users to schedule what content is shown and when, as well as programming the digital canvas to turn on and off automatically, only using power when needed.

Dr. Baoli Zhao, Vieunite’s Managing Director, said, “Along with my 15 years of experience in digital display technology, we have assembled a team of experts across art, software development and tech to create a truly ultra-realistic digital canvas,”

He added, “The canvas is just the start – we have created an exciting and ever-growing community of artists to display their work on the Textura Digital Canvas to help the technology we have created shine whilst supporting the creative economy.”

A digital frame hanging on a wall above a sofa and large houseplant

Overseen by the brand’s Cultural Director, Dr Benedict Carpenter van Barthold, the company has established partnerships with The Royal Society and RBSA Gallery, as well as developing and curating exciting new collaborations with important contemporary galleries and individual artists, including from leading art schools such as Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art.

The Textura Digital Canvas is a product that many have been waiting for. The ability to showcase different types of inspirational art and beloved photographs whilst continuously matching the decor means that, unlike many other technology products, it is unlikely to find its way into the out-of-date/defunct bin.

The final image (below) shows how brilliantly it fits in amongst non-interactive art on a wall.

The Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas is available now from vieunite.com for £490.

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An array of pictures on the wall, one of which is the digital canvasWhy the Vieunite Textura Digital Canvas is the Perfect Product for Art Fans 2

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