Wall Treatment Design: Benefits, Popular Styles, and 2024 Trends

Wall Treatment Design: Benefits, Popular Styles, and 2024 Trends

The walls in our homes can be underused assets and, with a bit of imagination, can transform and elevate a room. A coat of paint with the current colour of the year may suit some, but what if you want to add extra personality and depth to a room? Below, Tracey Hague, a Director at the home interiors specialist Where Saints Go, guides us through the most popular styles and their associated benefits.

Why add a wall treatment to your home?
Wall treatments have numerous aesthetic benefits, no matter your interiors style. For starters, incorporating a carefully chosen and executed wall treatment can effectively add warmth, depth, and texture to a room.

Many different wall treatment materials are available, from wood to tile to brick. This texture and depth give your room a point of interest, making for a particularly eye-catching feature. This luxurious interior solution can be the perfect tool for bringing the whole room together to provide a stylish, cohesive space.

You can do this by using complementary colours and materials or simply by choosing a style of wall that fits well with the rest of your interiors, such as by incorporating reclaimed wooden wall panelling for a rustic-style room or a brick wall for industrial-style buildings.

Simply put, a carefully chosen wall treatment allows you to elevate a room to a higher standard, adding aesthetic appeal to your property. It is not only a bonus for you enjoying the room, but it may even benefit those planning to sell a property.

Which wall treatments are the most popular?
According to Google Trends data, one of the most popular forms of wall treatment is panelling, which has become increasingly popular over the past five years.

Wood panelling is consistently popular as this wall treatment is so versatile, available in a wide range of designs suitable for various interior styles. This includes multiple popular panelling forms, such as timeless tongue and groove panelling, shiplap, board and batten, and wainscoting.

There are a variety of other wall treatment styles to choose from, too. These include upholstery walls, faux marble treatments, and exposed brick and stone walls, which can be excellent features for industrial-style homes and historic buildings.

Painting and wallpapering are two more popular wall treatment methods. Using paint and wallpaper allows you to make the space your own, and they are straightforward to apply compared to other wall treatments; plus, they can be changed if you fancy switching things up.

2024 wall treatment trend predictions
If you’re looking for the freshest inspiration, you may want to turn to 2024 interior trends for wall treatment ideas. Those who love dark interiors could take inspiration from Pinterest Predicts 2024, which has predicted “Western Gothic” interiors to become a breakout style this year.

This trend is about putting a dark, moody twist on Western-style interiors, which could be in the form of wooden panelling or leather wall treatment in black, burgundy, or other dark hues.

For those looking for a brighter trend to take inspiration from, upgrading your kitchen with a colourful wall treatment could be the way to go. The Pinterest Predicts “Kitschens” trend is about being eccentric and bold.

A great way to give this trend a go yourself is in the form of colourful or quirky wallpaper. You can even complete the look with some unique wall art to give the wall even more character.

Fear not those looking for something a little more lowkey, as brown is expected to be a popular colour for interiors in 2024. This shade, of course, lends itself perfectly to wooden panelling and variations of brown paint and wallpaper. There are ways to make a brown wall treatment more of a statement, however, such as opting for a brown wall mural.

What to consider before choosing a wall treatment
If you’re still weighing up whether a wall treatment is the correct thing for your home, there are a few considerations you can make before making your choice. Firstly, consider which option will work best for you in the long term.

While trends can be a great source of inspiration, you should only base your wall treatment on them if it is something you can see yourself wanting in your home in the long term. For a safer bet, you may want to opt for more timeless style treatments, such as wood panelling.

If you want something more trends-based, you could opt for a paint or wallpaper wall treatment instead, as these are much easier to alter if your tastes change.

You should also consider which material works best with the room you want to work on.

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For example, upholstery wall treatment is not the best option for the kitchen as it may end up stained and deteriorate quickly. Something like tile could be an excellent alternative for kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re working on a property you plan on renting or selling at some point, it’s also a good idea to consider what a renter or buyer may be looking for when it comes to wall treatments. In these cases, classic and versatile styles of wall treatments will likely be your best bet.

“If you’re looking to add some character to your plain, painted walls, there are various wall treatment options for you to consider. Wood panelling is a classic, and great for adding warmth to a home; plus, there are many styles to choose from. Exposed stone and brick walls can be effective when it comes to adding character and texture, plus you can opt for faux stick-on options if you don’t have the budget for them.

“Some wall treatment options can feel like big commitments and may become pretty costly, too. A good place to start your wall treatment journey is with wallpaper. Easy to apply and simple to remove, this is ideal for those looking to make a change without breaking the bank or making major changes.

Plus, with the number of options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect option to suit your style.”Tracey Hague, Director at Where Saints Go.

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