York Celebrates 250 Years Of Terry’s Chocolate With New Exhibition


York’s Chocolate Story is hosting a new exhibition for 2017 which will celebrate the 250th anniversary one of York’s most important companies: Terry’s!

Terry’s of York was established in the city in 1767 by partners Bayldon and Berry who opened a shop in the city selling lozenges, comfits and other simple confectionery before being joined in the 19th century by the unlikely apothecary, Joseph Terry.

Luckily, experience in sugaring pastilles and pills meant that Mr Terry adapted easily to a career in confectionery and his scientific background made him a pioneer of new products and a precise attitude to quality.

It was this quality and innovation which made the company famous. By the 20th-century Terry’s had introduced the world to the boxed chocolate assortment as well as one of the world’s most iconic confectionery: The Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

250 Years of Terry’s opens on 17th March at York’s Chocolate Story and will showcase a selection of the most interesting of Terry’s products from opium based throat sweets to some of the most beautiful and decadent chocolate boxes in history.

A selection of old favourites such as Neapolitan, Spartan and Waifa will be on display as well as some curiosities like the poison cards contained in early Terry’s confectionery warning of sensational ingredients such as Mercury and Belladonna (Opium)!

Jenni Shepherd, exhibition coordinator says “It has been such a joy putting together the exhibition. As well as collecting wonderful objects I have also had the opportunity to talk to so many people who worked at Terry’s. The company has a fascinating history, from chemists to confectioners, but the stories from the factories themselves and the pride of the people who worked there are what makes the company so interesting. These unique tales and memories are what ensures that Terry’s will always have a legacy in the city of York.”

The exhibition will also explore the social impact on the city. Terry’s has inspired Lord Mayors, horse races and iconic architecture as well as the lives of the tens of thousands of residents who have worked for the company.

250 Years of Terry’s will be at York’s Chocolate Story until 31st December 2017.
3-4 Kings Square, York YO1 7LD, UK
01904 527765

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