Automobili Estrema’s Fulminea Hypercar Combines Beauty, Performance & Range

Automobili Estrema's Fulminea Electric Hypercar Combines Beauty, Performance & Range

Automobili Estrema has unveiled their extreme electric Fulminea which is expected to fully launch in the third quarter of 2023. It’s a beautiful looking vehicle that is said to offer driving pleasure, speed, power and incredible handling and unlike some other pretenders to the electric Hypercar throne, it will have a rather useful range in excess of 500 km.

The speed at which electric power is becoming the go-to system for Hypercar is as quick as they are. Taking the technology developed on the Formula One circuits, electricity powers motors connected to each wheel, providing the Fulminea with incredible performance similar to an F1 car.

Automobili Estrema is a new Marque formed in 2020 to bring to life the art of building “extreme” electric cars. Their first car, the Fulminea, has a name that captures the essence they are looking for fast and powerful. Automobili Estrema’s mission is to create a new Italian car brand to compete in the world stage of electric supercars and hypercars.

A render of the car exiting a garage

The Fulminea has all the characteristics of a racing car, cutting-edge technology, high-performance, and premium materials. It utilises the latest-generation carbon fibre, but instead of a combustion engine, it features a full-electric powertrain with innovative solutions, a world first.

The car on a runway ready to test out the extreme acceleration

Four electric motors power the Fulminea to accelerate from 0 to 320 km/h in less than 10 seconds. It has a battery pack with a capacity of 100 kWh delivering an expected range of 520 km.

Automobili Estrema’s philosophy is based on four main concepts: Elegance, Purity, Romance and balance.

Romance is a feeling of mystery and excitement linked with creation.

Elegance refers to the quality of having a graceful appearance and manners, as stated by the classic and timeless Italian style.

Purity is getting rid of frills to achieve a basic, functional, clean design. Balance is the ability to combine different elements in the right proportion.

An aerial view showing the beautiful lines of the Fulminea

The Fulminea’s silhouette is exceptionally streamlined, compact and aerodynamic. The soft, rounded surface takes cues from the classic cars of the 1960s, matching perfectly with the carbon fibre trims. This gives it a more angular and aggressive look typical of modern racing cars. The wedge-shaped profile faces the ground on the front and then gradually lifts towards the mudguards, forming a soft teardrop shape while the rear is sharply well-defined.

A view of the blue hypercar from aboveThe cockpit has been designed to maximise aerodynamics, enhancing the airflow along the entire profile of the car. The ‘butterfly’ doors have a wide opening angle for easy access.

Fulminea’s colour is called “Azzurro Savoia”. It is the signature colour of Automobili Estrema and is a shiny iridescent shade inspired by the marvellous hues of azurite crystals that perfectly match the carbon fibre’s dark texture, emphasising its agility and elusive lines.

The car is characterised by stylish, functional elements like the front light clusters, developed around the graphic sign of the lightning bolt. The brand has integrated mixed LED / Laser technology headlights with top lighting performance.

Solutions at the rear of the car are equally innovative; the third brake light is enclosed in the transparent shark fin-shaped detail, and EST-Mobile makes the rear headlight fins of Turin.

Rear-view mirrors are exchanged for integrated cameras located on both outer sides of the mudguards. Anything standing in the visual field out of the cockpit is displayed inside the car. The refined, elegant design is preserved because the cameras rotate only during parking and driving operations. The handles have been integrated into the vehicle’s structure, allowing opening and closing through an invisible, innovative touch system, known only by the car owner, thus ensuring the highest level of security.

The Fulminea in a black livery

About Automobili Estrema
Gianfranco Pizzuto, Founded Automobili Estremain 2020, forming a brand-new niche car manufacturer specialising in high-performance electric supercars and hypercars. The company’s mantra is “We learned the rules of professionals so that we can break them like dreamers.”

A blue shield is the emblem of Automobili Estrema, an apparent reference to the historical tradition of the iconic coats of arms of the past, but contemporary. There is a lightning bolt within the shield, the symbol of electricity. A background of light blue with a carbon fibre weave shows a modern and technological touch, while the lightning bolt proudly bears the colours of the Italian flag. The Fulminea logo is in italics, a reference to the writing stroke speed.

Automobili Estrema Fulminea – Where and How?

The launch date is estimated to be in Q3 of 2023 and each of the initial 61 cars produced will be priced at 1,961,000 Euro.


  • Power: 1.5 MW (2,040 hp)
  • AWD: Torque Vectoring
  • Weight: 1,500 kg (3,300 lb)
  • Performance: 0–320 km/h (200 mph) in less than 10s
  • Battery capacity: 100 kWh
  • HPC DC Charge: 10% – 80% less than 15 min
  • Range: (WLTP) 520 km (325 mi)

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A preliminary pre-build sketch of the hypercarAutomobili Estrema's Fulminea Hypercar Combines Beauty, Performance & Range 2


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