For the Best Quiet Night’s Sleep, Head to Poland’s Bialowieza Forest

For the Best Quiet Night's Sleep, Head to Poland's Bialowieza Forest

Noise and sleep, in general, don’t go hand-in-hand. If you want to know where to get the best non-wallet-busting quiet night’s sleep, you’ll need to head to Europe and, in particular, to Poland. Not only is it home to somewhere supremely quiet it’ll also cost you far less than you imagine for that decent night’s sleep.

The sleep experts Amerisleep have conducted some new research into the cost of a one night stay in nine ‘Wilderness Quiet Parks’. All of the parks were chosen by Quiet Parks International for their healthy balance of bioacoustic activity with long noise-free intervals. Amerisleep uncovered that Poland’s Bialowieza Forest offers the cheapest quiet night’s sleep, at an average bed cost of $49.06.

A quiet night’s sleep in Poland’s Bialowieza Forest is the only entry on the list from Europe, and at $49.06, it is 42.17% lower in cost than its closest competitor, Canada’s Grasslands National Park. Located in the east of Poland, the Bialowieza forest is the last remaining part of a once vast primaeval forest in Europe. For an average of $83 a night, silence seekers can rent a three-bedroom residential home, and if they want to get even closer to nature, camping there, only costs about $11 for a pitch.

At an average of $116.33 a night, Grasslands National Park is the second cheapest quiet night’s sleep on the list. The area is one of the most sparsely populated North American locations on the list, making it a top pick for a quiet night. With a handful of local hotels, nearby vacation rentals and wilderness campsites, the prairie is home to sweeping grassland and preserved wildlife, boasting a starry night sky encouraging quality sleep.

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Following this in third and fourth place are two more mainland North American parks. Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota costs an average of $123.52 for a night’s stay, and Glacier Waterton-International Peace Park, a combination of two parks spanning the US-Canadian border, is just slightly more expensive at $124.34. The accommodation at these parks is typically lodges and cabins; however, reasonably priced hotel stays are available, and campsite pitches go for as little as $9.

The most expensive American location for a truly quiet night’s sleep is in Maui, Hawaii, in the Haleakala National Park, home to the volcano of the same name. The cost of a quiet night’s sleep on the volcanic island averages at $233.04, and accommodation, apart from camping, is closer to the outskirts of the national park and coast of the island.

Namibrand Nature Reserve in Namibia is the only African quiet park at an average cost of $161.80 per night. Whereas hotels and campsites are expensive there, vacation rental properties vary from nearby residential homes to private rooms at an average of $85.

A visit to the Zabalo River in Ecuador, where legal wild camping is a popular option, even with a minimal number of paid campsites, still works out to be the most expensive. The cost of official hotels is over $100 more than the prices in North America. It costs an average of a whopping $236.25 to stay at the first officially awarded Wilderness Quiet Park.

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April Mayer from Amerisleep said, “People need to know that true peace and quiet is still obtainable in the modern world. At times when we need an escape, we know that natural quiet is not out of our reach at affordable prices, especially if you venture to rural Poland. Residents of North America also have a variety of choices, with the option of a silent night’s sleep in beautiful locations for under $200.”

The study into places for a quiet night’s sleep was conducted by Amerisleep, an award-winning producer of mattresses, beds, and sleep accessories.

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For the Best Quiet Night's Sleep, Head to Poland's Bialowieza Forest 2


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