CAAA by Pietro Catalano: A Gastronomic Adventure Engaging All The Senses

CAAA by Pietro Catalano: A Unique Gastronomic Adventure Engaging All The Senses

This autumn, a unique project called CAAA by Pietro Catalano is set to unfold in Lucerne, Switzerland, which the designers have likened to gastronomic heaven. It will be a unique venue spanning 185 square metres made up of four exquisitely designed rooms by the legendary External Reference team, each offering an intimate and exclusive dining experience with a limited capacity of 20 seats.

Chef and entrepreneur Pietro Catalano will break down the barriers between the kitchen and guests by crafting harmonious flavour experiences to stir up cherished memories. Guests will embark on a multi-sensory journey, where dishes and drinks are meant to be touched, seen, heard, felt, and savoured:

A rendering of the inside of the Forest area

THE FOREST room offers an immersive dining experience amidst the wonders of nature. The cosy ambience, rustling leaves and distant bird calls provide you with solitude amidst nature, shielding you from the urban hustle, and this is just the beginning, not even the depths of the Forest.

A rendering of a leafy area inside the concept

THE COURTYARD invites guests into an intimate and warm ambience, perfect for moments of closeness. Here, you’ll witness how modern technologies blur the line between real and digital nature, and only dishes made from seasonal ingredients from local gardens and farms will ground you, reminding you of what truly matters from all that’s presented.

THE GALLERY brings together culinary artistry and visual delights. In this hall, it’s hard to define what art is – paintings smoothly transition into cocktails, and dishes reflect sculptures as if once again proving that culinary arts are no less an art form than others, perhaps even older.

A rendering of the Bar Lab interior

THE BAR LAB, a visionary creation by the Liquid Design team, introduces cutting-edge technology and lab equipment to craft magical liquid delights, evoking nostalgia and wonder with each sip. It’s challenging to imagine a more unlikely union than cocktails and science, yet such a symbiosis will melt your hearts with exquisite alcoholic drinks featuring unexpected ingredients.

A rendering of the courtyard interior

While currently only renderings give us a glimpse of this gastronomic marvel, one thing is certain – this project merits close attention, especially because of the team behind it.

About Pietro Catalano
Serial entrepreneur Pietro successfully managed two restaurants in the UNESCO Swiss Alps region from 2018 to 2023. Both restaurants swiftly earned a spot on the esteemed Gault&Millau list, showcasing his culinary influence in the area.

During the pandemic, Pietro founded Beanfactory, a sustainable micro-roasting start-up company using the advanced Loring Machine. This innovative AI-powered machine roasts coffee according to individual preferences, setting new standards for eco-friendly and personalized coffee experiences. You can learn more about Che Pietro and his ventures at

About External Reference
External Reference is an interdisciplinary design firm that breaks the boundaries between the architectural, artistic and digital worlds to create unique narrative experiences. Each project is a story which they write in the language of form, technology and interaction.

About Liquid Design Agency
A consulting agency for the hospitality industry that comprises an international team of bartenders, ambassadors, artists, marketers, strategists, and other enthusiasts who are dedicated to advancing cocktail culture through the creation of atmospheric venues, cocktail menus, events and training programs. More information can be found at

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A rendering of the cosy leafy area in daylightCAAA by Pietro Catalano: A Gastronomic Adventure Engaging All The Senses 2

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