Clive Christian’s Crab Apple Blossom Reimagines a Time Gone By

Clive Christian's Crab Apple Blossom Reimagines a Time Gone By

Crab Apple is not the usual scent to spring to mind when thinking of high-end perfumes. But that’s not holding Clive Christian Perfume back. They’ve rooted through their archives and decided to reimagine a fragrance from a time gone by for their Crown Collection and it’s called Crab Apple Blossom.

More and more we’re finding things created in the past are the equal of things envisaged today. One less-obvious product to be brought back into the modern world is perfume as you’d think that every scent imaginable is probably already available today. To find something inspirational and alluring, you need to look back in time.

We decided to do some online research and discovered that in the Victorian-era, the scent of flowers and aromatic herbs were all the rage. After a little more investigation we also found a small black and white newspaper advert from 1895, and it was for crab apple blossom from the Crown Perfumery Co. Something you might not be aware of is Clive Christian’s own foundations were born from the Crown Perfumery Co, which should help to shed some light on why it’s being brought back.

Clive Christian’s new Crown Collection is a celebration of the company’s unique and prestigious history which spans nearly two hundred years. The new range has been designed to tell a scented tale that echoes throughout the eras and will bring to life historic scents, reimagined for the modern-day perfume connoisseur.

The perfumer has been wowing customers for centuries and it and was a favourite of the aristocracy, politicians, artists and actors of the Victorian era and beyond. For 2020, they’re selecting specific perfumes from their past and reimagining them. The inspiration for the new scents comes from a unique heritage and will remain faithful to the brand’s traditions of concentration, complexity and a dedication to using the finest ingredients.

Clive Christian Crab Apple Blossom presentation case

Aside from the scent itself, the standout feature of Clive Christian’s Crab Apple Blossom is the striking bottle it comes in. The bottle holding the perfume is a deep red, embossed with gold lettering with an ornate golden crown on top. It comes in a high-quality presentation case which clearly showcases the brand’s unique history, and underneath each bottle is an archive image waiting to be discovered.

The story behind the Crab Apple Blossom
Arguably one of the most famous of Crown Perfumery products this delicate perfume was first created in 1886. It was inspired by the crab apple tree that grew outside the Crown Perfumery’s Founder house in Kensington.

Today’s Crab Apple Blossom contains spring flower as a top note combined with exotic marine bergamot with a heart of green rhubarb and fresh mojito fusion enhanced by creamy sandalwood and aquatically aromatic driftwood in the base for a fresh, energising citrusy yet soft scent that trails on the skin like blossoming branches in the spring sunshine.

  • Concentration: 25%
  • Complexity: 151 Ingredients
  • Fragrance Family: Citrus Aquatic
  • Top Notes: Marine Bergamot, Lemon Tree, Bitter Yuzu, Apple Blossom, Mandarin, Citruswood fusion
  • Heart Notes: Osmanthus, Neroli, Apricot Blossom, Water Lily, Green Rhubarb, Mojito Aromafusion
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Moss, Musk, Driftwood, Amber, Kashmir wood fusion

RRP £325 / €400 / $450
The Crab Apple Blossom fragrance launches globally this month and will be available via selected partners and

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Clive Christian's Crab Apple Blossom Reimagines a Time Gone By 2


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