Why Eye Treatments are the Shortcut to Looking Good in a Face Mask

Why Eye Treatments are the Shortcut to Looking Good in a Face Mask

Unless you’re wearing just a plastic visor (not recommended) or a see-thru mask, in this day and age, a standard face mark prohibits people from seeing the whole of your face. This explains why businesses such as Cheshire’s KLNIK are experiencing a surge in enquiries for eye-treatments.

Wearing of face masks in now the accepted ‘norm’ for most people around the world. It makes complete sense to 99.999% of people as it protects others even though we are still seeing stories of people using every excuse in the book to avoid wearing one! It’s obvious what the benefits of wearing a face mask are, but there are some drawbacks, and one of the main ones is people cannot see most of your face.

When you wear a face mask, the only areas exposed are your neck and from the bridge of your nose upwards. It’s an awful look if you’re eyes look tired and saggy and you no longer have the advantage of other areas of your face taking away the focus. There is a simple solution, and this is to visit a clinic and get a refresh to your eye area.

Dr Rosh the medical director of KLNIKOne of the best people we know to ask about the increased trend for eye treatments is Dr Rosh, who is the medical director of KLNIK. Dr Rosh is also a pioneer of modern aesthetics and member of the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners as well as making the list of Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders for 2020.

He told us; “As we emerge from Lockdown everyone across the country are adjusting to the new rules and regulations. In the past, one of my most sought-after treatments at the KLNIK have always been the lip area. Lips are an essential feature of the face when it comes to communication, and that’s why there has always been such a demand, but now, we can longer see people’s mouths.

With the public now able to socialise, shop, eat out and see up to 6 people at a time, wearing a mask is the new normal. However, by mask-wearing, we are removing the mouth area, and the focus is drawn to the eyes. The eyes have become our best tool for communication, and as they say, the eyes are the windows to our soul, so it is no surprise that the trend for eye treatments has risen.”

We wanted to know what is available for people wanting to get their eyes looking the best they can and in quick double time. Fortunately, Dr Rosh had already created a specific treatment, and it’s the aptly named ‘Dr Rosh’s Bright Eye Lift.’

A beautiful womans eye

This treatment addresses three key components which are the soft dark hollows that create shadows around the eye area; it also incorporates an eyebrow flick to raise the eye area while reducing pigmentation in the skin.

The treatment is delivered across three sessions and is performed by Dr Rosh himself. The best bit? He told us it provides immediate results. The results come from a combination of Botox, filler and therapy. Dark shadows and shallow areas are lightened, fine lines around the eyes are specifically targeted, and the tail end of the brow is slightly heightened to give a fresh and youthful look.

The times we’re living in are undoubtedly making many people feel quite miserable. One of the best ways to overcome this is to build your confidence, and the simplest way to do it is by making sure you put the best version of you on show. For those that woke up this morning and peered into the bathroom mirror through tired, uninspiring eyes, a trip to Cheshire’s KLNIK for one of Dr Rosh’s Bright Eye Lift’s should get you back on track and ready to face whatever the world throws your way.

To find out more, visit the KLNIK website at www.klnik.co.uk.

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Why Eye Treatments are the Shortcut to Looking Good in a Face Mask 2


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