Free Nightingale Facial from KLNIK Gives Back to Frontline NHS Workers

Free Nightingale Facial from KLNIK Gives Back to Frontline NHS Workers

Cheshire’s renowned KLNIK has introduced the Nightingale Facial specifically for frontline NHS workers. The free 40-minute treatment is Dr Rosh’ and his team’s way to show its thanks for the incredible work done by NHS staff in 2020.

This year, more than any other in living memory has reminded the country how fortunate we are to have NHS frontline workers. One of the UK’s leading skincare clinics is joining in with the nation’s heartfelt appreciation by introducing an incredible free treatment for these exceptional people.

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting the KLNIK, you’ll be in for an absolute treat. It’s a beautiful environment filled with state-of-the-art equipment, highly-trained specialists and gorgeous designer touches wherever you look.

The office of Dr Rosh at KLNIK

For most people, it’s the type of place that would seem to be out-of-reach. However, Dr Rosh and his team have decided that they need to give back to all the hardworking frontline workers in the NHS and they are doing it in an incredibly generous way.

Inside KLNIK in Cheshire

The free Nightingale Facial was created by Dr Rosh, who is the CEO & Medical Director at KLNIK. It is unlike any other facial and was specifically designed to bring a meaningful and comforting connection between the practitioner and patient, focusing on touch and connection.

During the 40-minute treatment, the practitioner will locate and engage pressure points in key areas such as the neck, shoulders and chest. The face will be deeply cleansed and treated prior to a warming Dermalux LED session that hydrates, makes the skin smoother, soothes irritations, stimulates blood flow and leaves a natural glow.

Dr Rosh in a treatment room at KLNIK

It’s not just the face that will be in for a treat; other areas of the body will be made to feel new and refreshed through hand and arm massages with lots of rest periods included throughout the treatment. The practitioner will also be providing advice on how to breathe further, which has benefits for mood and overall wellbeing and will also include a balm inhalation experience.

Probably the key aspect with the Nightingale treatment is the human touch. During COVID, this has been absent from our daily lives and is essential for emotional and intellectual growth. Using a trauma-informed approach, Dr Rosh believes it’s vital that the patient is connected to the practitioner through touch.

Dr Rosh believes that all treatments should cover everything from skincare to relaxation and mindfulness. He, along with the team at KLNIK, are looking forward to meeting and offering the Nightingale treatment in the upcoming weeks.

The KLNIK building in Wilmslow, Cheshire

If you’re a frontline worker with the NHS and you want to take advantage of the free Nightingale Treatment, visit to find out more. When you recieve your appointment for the facial please remember to bring your NHS ID with you.

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Free Nightingale Facial from KLNIK Gives Back to Frontline NHS Workers 2


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