Exclusive Interview With David Simpson, Co-Founder Of Andersen

Exclusive Interview With David Simpson, Co-Founder Of Andersen

Andersen is a British manufacturer and installer of high-end electric vehicle charge points. Simon Wittenberg caught up with their co-founder and technical director to find out what sparked the idea to bring luxury to this area of the growing electric vehicle (EV) market.

LM: What is your background, and how did your interest in EVs start?
DS: I’m an entrepreneur with a background in IT and high-end consumer electronics. I’ve worked for big corporates and also run two start-ups in London. I realised that electric cars would be game-changing to the industry after my first drive in an EV. I instantly knew that internal combustion engines (ICEs) were old-fashioned and that EVs were the exciting future.

David Simpson, Co-Founder Of Andersen
David Simpson.

LM: What inspired you to establish Andersen?
DS: The frustrating and disappointing lack of choice and innovation in car charge points drove me to start Andersen. EV chargers are by their very nature positioned front and centre on the outside of your home. And for those who love their home and invest time and money curating a beautiful space, there was nothing style-conscious available.

I didn’t want to create a white plastic box that would leave you wanting more. So, we set out creating a charger with the same aesthetic values as the rest of your home, that would complement country dwellings, or those living in smart townhouses. It was a classic example of thinking that we could do something different and better. As soon as we began our research, it was clear that there was an exciting opportunity.

LM: What is unique about the products that you offer?
DS: We pride ourselves on creating high performance, timeless designed products that are beautifully manufactured and finished and have great longevity. These are the roots of our design philosophy, and they set us apart from anyone else on the market. Products that you buy should last a long time. Our designs are discreet and champion the architecture that they sit on. Born to blend in, born to stand out.

Equally important is the technology side – we are a technology company, and we believe that our intelligent charge points will be the hub of every smart home in the future. We are serious about giving customers superbly integrated functionality. So, for example, our integrated solar system is designed with a very Apple-led mindset in the way the user interface should be.

LM: Do you have any direct competitors?
DS: No. We are the premium home electric charge point and the only solution currently on the market that blends intelligent smart-home technology with high-end functional design.

Andersen A2 wall chargers in Acoya wood
Andersen A2 wall chargers in Acoya wood.

Exclusive Interview With David Simpson, Co-Founder Of Andersen 3LM: The Andersen A2 wall charger is currently available in three finishes, ranging from timber to stainless steel. Will you be bringing out any others?
DS: We currently offer a considered variety of colours and styles for customers to create a bespoke unit that is perfect for their home. We are bringing out some new products soon, which will echo our design philosophy. For our very top-end customers, we are considering offering a one-of-a-kind custom design service.

We can do this because we own all the processes involved. There’s a very high level of craftsmanship involved when working with new materials or colours. The machining of the Accoya wood, for example, is treated by an expert carpenter, because working with wood is actually very challenging – it changes shape, and it behaves like a natural material.

Andersen has a partnership with Porsche

LM: You have a partnership with Porsche. Are the charge points only compatible with luxury vehicles, or do they work with other makes too?
DS: Our units are designed for compatibility with all-electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles. Whether it’s a brand-new Porsche Taycan or a second hand Toyota Prius, they don’t discriminate and nor do we. We also offer an installation service, because we believe that installation is half of what you get. Your charger has got to work perfectly for your lifestyle, and our installers can help you get it right.

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