11 Luxury Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs

11 Luxury Gadgets Every Coffee Lover Needs 6

Dualit Classic Capsule Machine, £249.99
Dualit’s latest pod machine comes in their iconic, polished steel design, and even lets you brew tea. Coffee and tea pods are specially designed for the best possible extraction and the machine will dispense the optimum volume of liquid for each drink, just like your barista. It’s a faff-free way to enjoy artisan coffee at home.

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Tom Dixon Stove Top Coffee Maker, £135
If you’re an espresso aficionado, you’ll no doubt own a stove top coffee maker. But does it look as elegant as this? The copper-finished steel body will wow passersby, plus, it makes four Espressos in one go.

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Smarter Coffee Machine, £179.99
This little lifesaver lets you brew a fresh jug of coffee from anywhere in your home using your smartphone. You can adjust the strength and the number of cups (up to 12) straight from the app. It uses whole beans and even lets you set the coarseness. Amazing coffee has never been so easy.


Hario Coffee Drip and Stand, £90
This art deco-inspired accessory makes coffee dripping look like art. But there’s a scientific reason behind its striking design; it allows you to brew directly into the server from just the right height.

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Bonavita Glass Carafe Coffee Brewer, £148
US-based coffee connoisseurs, Bonavita, have just launched their 8-cup auto coffee brewer. You can brew in a touch with great tasting coffee guaranteed thanks to the pre-infusion mode that evenly saturates the coffee grounds.


The Oak and Rope Company Nespresso Capsule Holder, £115
And finally, no coffee-lover’s kitchen is complete without a stylish solution for storing pods. This Nespresso capsule holder is an elegant way to keep organised, plus it’s hand-crafted from solid oak. You can engrave up to 12 characters to add your own personal touch.

A little note on coffee pods…
You might like coffee pods for their convenience but did you know they take up to 500 years to biodegrade? Which means our landfill sights are quickly filling up. A fully recyclable alternative was yet to be invented. Until now.

Independent Brixton roaster, Volcano Coffee Works, have created their own range of 100% biodegradable pods. You can recycle them through your usual green waste collection or even chuck them onto your compost, as well as the rubbish bin, guilt-free. Check out their range of pods at www.volcanocoffeeworks.com.

The London Coffee Festival – Where and How?

The London Coffee Festival 2018 will take place from 12th-15th April at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 6QR. Find out more at www.londoncoffeefestival.com.

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