Magnet’s Nordic Nature Brings the Beauty of the Great Outdoors Indoors

Magnet's Nordic Nature Brings the Beauty of the Great Outdoors Indoors

Want to get ahead of your competition? What you need to be doing is to incorporate nature, sustainability and a feeling of the great outdoors into your products, and this is what Magnet is doing with its brand new kitchen range called Nordic Nature.

2021 and indeed last year have been trying. If it wasn’t for the great outdoors, many would’ve likely gone a little doolally. One thing that has made things more bearable is something called Biophilia which literally translates to a ‘love of life’.

To be more specific, many scientists now believe that humans have a genetic affinity with the natural world, which in turn prompts feelings of positivity. It is the primary reason I chose to write a piece on Magnet’s Nordic Nature kitchen; it is a product designed to tap into and enhance people’s positive feelings.

Over recent years, nature and design have been strolling seemingly hand-in-hand, with many architects and great designers finding ways to merge the two into one. It’s, therefore, a wise move by Magnet to launch Nordic Nature. This new collection was inspired by the Nordic woods, valley’s mountains and Fjords. The kitchen is said to tap into the human need to connect with nature, and if it does what it sets out to, it will be a revelation in the market.

It is a range with a design and a specific purpose. The rich, wooden palette evokes peace and tranquillity, while the well-crafted details – from fluted cabinets to curved corners and ribbed plinths – echo the strong, tactile forms found in nature. It is a kitchen that combines the pristine, simplistic beauty of Scandinavian design with natural features.

A woman relaxing in Magnet's Nordic Nature kitchen

A closer look at Nordic Nature
The brand-new Nordic Nature frontal is a natural oak finish cabinet in two complementary styles – Nordic Oak and Nordic Oak Wave. Nordic Oak is an oak slab door that juxtaposes the fluted texture of Nordic Oak Wave to create the perfect balance of smooth wood and warm tactility. These cabinets can be seamlessly paired with neutral cabinets from other Magnet ranges, such as the calming hues of Hoxton Pebble – also new to Magnet this Autumn.

The fluted glass cabinetry, named Vitrine Black Wave, provides an exquisite contrast. Its ripples are inspired by the fresh, cool streams and famous fjords of Scandinavia.

It’s all in the detail
Every aspect of Nordic Nature has been looked at carefully and designed with purpose, from its cohesive practicality to its intriguing tactility.

Inside one of magnet oak kitchen storage units

Bespoke design elements include:

Floating worktops
Designed to provide an aesthetic lightness, the appearance of a floating worktop creates an intentional shadow that effortlessly sits a little above the wooden cabinets.

A choice of handle design
Elegant solid oak handles feel robust in the hand and can be used as stand-alone or part of the frame design.

Alternatively, the range is fully compatible with Magnet’s Integra range, a handleless design that’s perfect for a minimal aesthetic.

A closer look at the rounded edge of the work surface

Rounded end panels
Rounded end panels add a softness to the finish of the room, creating a welcoming and inviting feeling and delivering an ergonomic flow throughout the kitchen.

Fluted wood on magnet kitchen cupboards

Fluted details
Fluting creates a contrasting look, with shadows that change throughout the day as the light moves around your kitchen.

Oak storage
The insides of our kitchens are every bit as important as the outside, and oak drawer dividers provide a smooth transition between the outer aesthetic and inner workings of the space.

The light beam suspended above the kitchen work surface

Light beam
Designed to contrast with the Nordic Oak, the black linear light brings an industrial accent to the kitchen. This sleek yet bright light can also be controlled by your smartphone, voice control or an optional kinetic switch.

Ribbed plinth
A ribbed plinth adds the finishing touch, with horizontal lines to complement and ground the rest of the kitchen.

The Nordic Nature concept isn’t just about the design – it’s about how it is sustainably sourced and made. All of the wood is responsibly sourced and manufactured using 100% renewable electricity, and any timber waste from the manufacturing process is either repurposed, recycled, or reused to heat Magnet’s manufacturing site.

As you would expect from a Magnet kitchen, Nordic Nature has been made to last, with cabinet guarantees starting at 15 years and extending to a lifetime.

A happy man pleased that kitchen makers are now focussing on sustainability

Herman Persson, Group Design Director, said: “Since the dawn of time, we have had a deep-rooted need to connect with nature. This inherent human inclination is called Biophilia and, in modern times, has emerged as an international design and architectural movement.

“Incorporating nature, natural materials and forms inspired by nature into our indoor spaces benefit us far greater than its pleasing aesthetic. It’s said to contribute to improving our physical and mental wellbeing; a sense of not just living well, but better – qualities in our modern lives that are ever-more important.”

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