Bissell’s Hydrowave Offers Full-size Carpet Washer Power in a Compact Body

Bissell's Hydrowave Has the Power of a Full-size Carpet Washer in a Compact Body

Hot on heels of our review of the Crosswave Cordless, the renowned cleaning experts at BISSELL have unveiled their latest groundbreaking machine, the Hydrowave. This new high-tech carpet washer gives users the power of a full-size carpet washer in a neat compact design.

As anyone who’s read my review of the Crosswave will know, carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun, eye-opening and therapeutic. It’s one of the reasons I am keen to investigate what the latest offering from BISSELL – the Hydrowave has to offer.

The BISSELL HydroWave™
The BISSELL HydroWave™

The splendidly-named HydroWave™ is the brand’s smallest full-power carpet washer to date. It is said to dry carpets in just 30 minutes, making it ideal for everyday use. It’s also a lightweight system which importantly makes it easy to carry, and the compact design should mean you’ll have the space to pop it under the stairs.

As we recently discovered, although a carpet might look clean, appearances can be deceptive. It’s not until you put a high-quality cleaning system on it that you see how much dirt remains in the fibres.

Although it sounds terrible, we’d never actually washed our carpets, presuming that a thorough vacuum would do the job. Vacuuming will only get you so far and even with the most powerful suction, carpets will still hold allergens, bacteria and dust particles which is bad news for those who suffer from breathing problems. Without a proper clean, these horrid little things simply continue to build up along with the risks to your health.

BISSELL’s HydroWave is said to be ideal for refreshing carpets and rugs. It’s also capable of dealing with tough stains and accidental spills, dried in coffee stains and muddy messes.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific feature the Hydrowave has to offer:

It removes what traditional vacuums leave behind
The BISSELL HydroWave cleans deep into carpet fibres capturing more allergens and bacteria than vacuuming alone. The rotating, pivoting XL brush roll with ten rows of DirtLifter power bristles actively loosens and removes dirt from carpets for real deep cleaning.

Cleanshot™ Pre-Treater
The CleanShot pre-treater, combined with the Deep Clean mode and professional Wash & Protect Pro Formula, effectively removes the toughest stains and embedded dirt to make carpets look, and smell, like new.

There are two separate tanks for clean and dirty water
The machine has two separate tanks to ensure maximum cleaning results; one for clean water mixed with BISSELL professional cleaning formula to ensure that only fresh water reaches the floor and a second to collect the dirty water.

It has fingertip control
You can choose between two cleaning codes at the touch of a button:

  • Express mode – for everyday slips and spills- (Carpets and rugs dry in about 30 mins.)
  • Deep Clean mode – penetrates deep into the carpet fibres, for an intensive clean-(Carpets and rugs dry in about 50 mins.)

Bissell's Hydrowave Offers Full-size Carpet Washer Power in a Compact Body 3

It’s compact, lightweight and user-friendly
One of the biggest lures of the HydroWave is its relatively light weight (5.6 kgs) due in no small part to its compact design. It also boasts LED lights which makes cleaning dark corners and under furniture a doddle. Although it’s probably not intentional, when you look at the HydroWave front on, to my eyes, the brushes remind me of the Union Jack which as an Englishman, I find very pleasing.

Easy-Clean and Storage
All you need to do is remove the carpet brush roll and nozzle, empty the dirty water tank and rinse both thoroughly. For compact storage, collapse the telescopic handle and sit the HydroWave™ in the storage tray.

BISSELL® Hydrowave™ – Where and how?

The BISSELL Hydrowave and the Wash & Protect Pro formula are available from major electrical retailers and The RRP for the Hydrowave is £279.99 and includes 750ml of Wash & Protect Pro formula.

Functions at a glance:

  • Compact carpet and rug cleaner
  • Powerful 385W
  • Ultra-lightweight 5.6Kg
  • Cord length 6M
  • Dimensions (cm): 31(w) x 112(h) x 38(d)
  • 1.7L clean water tank capacity
  • 0.6L dirty water tank capacity
  • Telescopic handle for compact storage
  • 2-Tank System: keeps clean and dirty water separate
  • Storage tray
  • 750ml BISSELL® Wash & Protect Pro Formula
  • 5 year guarantee

Bissell's Hydrowave Offers Full-size Carpet Washer Power in a Compact Body 4


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