Not Vanilla V*dka From STRYKK is a Delicious Non-alcoholic Experience

Not Vanilla V*dka From STRYKK Delivers On Flavour Minus the Alcohol

STRYKK, a London based brand, has launched a Vodka that doesn’t contain alcohol. The innovative new drink is titled Not Vanilla V*DKA, and the company hope to capture the non-alcoholic Cocktail market. Jeremy Webb decided to put it to the taste test.

STRYKK NOT VANILLA V*DKA is the first of its kind, a distilled non-alcoholic spirit for the new generation of partygoers and people wanting a night out without the side effects of alcohol. The drink is distilled and bottled in the UK at STRYKK’s London base.

The relatively new brand has an impressive range of the highest quality alternative alcohol options. August saw STRYKK’s latest addition launch to their roster. It was vanilla flavoured, NOT V*DKA drink, infused with Madagascan vanilla beans. A first of a kind to hit the UK market, the highly anticipated new flavour is the perfect component needed to the UK’s #1 cocktail – a Passionfruit Martini.

A bottle of the Not Vanilla Vodka drink sitting on a box dripping with yellow paint

STRYKK distillation process is meticulous, with it being 100% natural. It has no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavouring. As with all other STRYKK spirits, NOT VANILLA V*DKA is vegan and gluten-free. This makes it one of the healthiest non-alcoholic spirits currently available.

Non-alcoholic brand STRYKK was the first to replicate the flavour and attitude of the mainstream spirits. Once again, leading from the front with the introduction of its non-alcoholic vanilla vodka alternative.

The drink is so versatile if you choose to opt for a simple cola or an Espresso (below) or Passionfruit Martini cocktail. The new STRYKK NOT VANILLA V*DKA offers an authentic drinking experience with the taste of all the spirit but none of the alcohol.

An espresso Martini cocktail sat on a gold tray

CEO and Founder Alex Carlton said, “By launching STRYKK NOT VANILLA V*DKA, we are giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy the UK’s number one selling cocktail, the Passionfruit Martini, without the alcohol. Annually 40 million Passionfruit Martinis are consumed up and down the county; imagine all the pregnant women, non-drinkers, those looking to live a healthier life, or those looking for balance are now able to indulge in their favourite cocktail, alcohol-free, lower in calories and lower in sugar. There has never been a more exciting time and such choice for those looking to moderate their booze intake. This is just the beginning….”.

Sourced from all over the world, the ingredients the brand uses are mixed by their expert flavour house team in conjunction with top bartenders. This ensures that only those ingredients of the highest quality make the cut. These ingredients then go through processes mirroring traditional alcohol, involving maceration with water and alcohol for up to four weeks.

STRYKK then uses a modernised steam distillation process in stainless steel stills, followed by blending & filtration to create the perfect non-alcoholic spirit. The Not Vanilla V*DKA is a unique distillation that features a sweet toffee and buttery aroma with a warming capsicum finish in the mouth.

Serving suggestions:

Strykk Passionfruit funkin cocktail being poured into a glass

Not Passionfruit Martini
Shake 50ml of Not Vanilla V*DKA with a 100ml Funkin Passionfruit Martini Mixer. Strain into a glass for the perfect Passionfruit Martini and serve.

Not Vanilla V*DKA & Cola
For this cocktail, pour 50ml of Not Vanilla V*DKA into a glass and top it up top up with Diet/Zero Cola. For the final touch, garnish it with a lime wedge.

I enjoy Vodka, and it also helps that I like the taste of Vanilla, so this seems the ideal marriage. To be frank, the fact it is non-alcoholic didn’t alter my enjoyment. I like that you can drink plenty of it without the after-effects of regular Vodka, and although I haven’t tasted the Not Vanilla V*dka, it is on my to-do list.

Not Vanilla V*dka – Where and How?

It is distilled and bottled in the UK. The RRP is £18.99 per bottle, with standard UK shipping priced at £2.99. For more information about the brand and its current range of products, visit

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Not Vanilla V*dka From STRYKK is a Delicious Non-alcoholic Experience 2


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