Puente Romano Beach Resort Introduces a 53ft Fully-Crewed Sailing Boat

Puente Romano Beach Resort Introduces a 53ft Fully-Crewed Sailing Boat

Guests of Puente Romano Beach Resort now have the opportunity to sail around the Mediterranean in total privacy, peace and quiet, enjoying spectacular views of the Malaga mountains, Gibraltar rock and even Africa’s coastline.

“I need to get away” is a phrase we’ve heard so often over the past few months and quite rightly so. Although people have had the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of their own homes, probably far more than they would’ve expected, the measures implemented in different countries have created a feeling of being ‘boxed in’ for many.

One of the only options to alleviate this feeling is to head to foreign climes. However, many are still wary of being ‘cooped up’ for long periods alongside a throng of people they don’t know. So, even abroad in the splendour of a luxury resort, you’ll probably appreciate some time away from others. The clever minds at the Puente Romano Beach Resort have a solution which should eliminate all concerns.

We’d bet, a good number of you have watched people relaxing on a luxury boat or yacht on TV and said “that’s where we need to be”, the good news is, now you can.

The Puente Romano sailing yacht

The Puente Romano Beach Resort has introduced a 53ft fully-crewed sailing boat that’s as eco-friendly as it is luxurious.

If you’re after a break away from other guests, imagine heading off for a whole day onboard a luxury yacht discovering the Andalusian coast.

You could do all those things you’ve gazed jealously at on TV such as diving straight from the boat to swim, snorkel or enjoy paddleboarding in the sparkling waters of the Costa del Sol.

To make your time onboard feel even more special, freshly made authentic Spanish cuisine will be prepared on board. And following this, relax in the sunshine before watching the sun sink into the horizon.

Freshly made food on the Puente Romano sailing yacht

The sailing of the boat will be handled by an experienced crew, allowing guests the opportunity to unwind and look out for dolphins in amongst the waves. If you’d rather try your hand at sailing your own boat, the crew will be happy to teach you how to be a skipper for the day.

Skipper for a day on the Puente Romano sailing yacht

It’s quite a sporty sailboat as it was designed not only for comfortable cruising but for racing too, offering the best of both worlds. The sailing excursion will include use of the spacious lounge areas, kitchen, living room, an owners cabin, two further guest cabins and all with their own bathrooms.

The ecologically clean and green sailboat highlights the importance of caring for our seas at a time when it is more important than ever. The sailing service is available in 4 and 8-hour rental packages at €750 and €1,200 respectively. All packages include food onboard inspired by the best dishes of authentic Spanish cuisine.

For more information on what Puente Romano has to offer guests, please visit www.puenteromano.com.

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Puente Romano Beach Resort Introduces a 53ft Fully-Crewed Sailing Boat 2


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