Rainforest Challenge 2011 in Malaysia

Rainforest Challenge 2011 Monsoon Season in the Malaysian Jungle.

Rainforest Challenge 2011 Monsoon Season in the Malaysian Jungle.Someone in the office said to me, the Rainforest Challenge 2011 on Luxurious – “That doesn’t make sense, where’s the tie-up?”, however when you think about it – it does make perfect sense. Many of the worlds leading luxury watch manufacturers get involved with extreme sports and pushing the limits of human endurance, two examples spring immediately to mind, Zenith co-sponsored Johan Ernst Nilson in his attempt to go Pole2Pole and Antoine Cina in his attempt to climb Everest and para glide back down.

In the every day life of a HNWI business and pleasure are two terms that go hand in hand, many of the people that read about and purchase the wonderful things on Luxurious work hard to get their money and subsequently play hard, so any challenge that pushes one to their limits is in my view a challenge work taking on for any serious 4×4 driver. Many of my HNW friends thought that 11 hours in the office a day and a weekend of partying was the definition of ‘Work Hard Play Hard’, I believe that an event like the Rainforest Challenge 2011 is the truer definition.

About the Rainforest Challenge 2011

The Rainforest Challenge is an extreme 4×4 event that has attracted participants from up to 27 countries as well as Malaysia’s home grown talent. To make this extreme event even more challenging, the Rainforest Challenge 2011 will be held in the middle of Malaysia’s monsoon season! The Rainforest Challenge 2011 is designed to challenge adventurers from Malaysia and around the world to a series of tough driving stages aimed at providing serious 4×4 enthusiasts with the challenges of the Jungle, Weather and all of its other hardships and extremities.

Just imagine taking yourself out of your comfort zone and taking on a challenge that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life? All of the ingredients are there, the sweat, the mud, the rain soaked jungle, the humidity, the insects, the creatures of the night, the fellowship of men and women, the teamwork, the camaraderie, swollen muddy rivers and the monsoon ready to test your true mental and physical make-up. Many readers of Luxurious work hard, earn money and reward themselves with nice things for their efforts, but will these provide you with a sense of achievement? Do you honestly think that snowboarding in Aspen or White water rafting in the Dominican Republic can be classed as something that truly challenged you?

The Rainforest Challenge has been hosted for over a decade, providing wonderful memories as well as creating heroes, heroines and champions. Its a journey of self discovery to find out how far you are capable of pushing yourself.

Drivers of Landrovers, Rangerovers, X5’s ‘et al’ that potter off road boasting of their skills, here’s a real challenge for you. Something that you can tell your friends and family that you have taken part in and hopefully conquered. Rainforest Challenge 2011 is a test for all ‘true’ 4×4 drivers – are you up to the challenge?

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