Sacred Spirits Dry Martini Brings the True Flavour of Bond into the Home

Sacred Spirits Dry Martini Brings the True Flavour of Bond into your Home

Sacred Spirits are known for their Gin; they now produce a ready-made Dry Martini amongst other spirits. Jeremy Webb, a lover of all things James Bond, felt it was his duty to try it out and there wasn’t an exploding pen or jet pack in sight!

The world is currently buzzing about the new James Bond movie, in many critics eyes, possibly the greatest 007 film made to date. Over the decades James Bond has saved the world on numerous occasions, for 2021 he had an additional task and that was to help put cinema back on its feet and it seems he’s doing exactly that. When you think of Bond, images of fast cars, beautiful women, sharp suits and a tipple or two spring to mind, particularly a Dry Martini. So when Hilary from Sacred Spirits contacted me about their new ready-mixed Dry Martini, I was stirred with interest.

The Sacred Spirits Dry Martini launch coincided with the premiere of the latest and 25th Bond film, No Time To Die, and being a huge Bond fan, and a fan of Sacred Spirits, I felt I would be derelict in my national duty as a very secret agent if I didn’t put it to the taste test. Now listen carefully, as this is For Your Eyes Only.

Pouring and making the perfect 007 cocktail

The ready-mixed Dry Martini is a blend of Sacred Gin and English Dry Vermouth, hand-distilled and hand-bottled in Highgate, north London. The drink is inspired by the world-famous martinis made to the recipe of Alessandro Palazzi of DUKES, SW1.

James Bond famously asks for his Martinis shaken, not stirred, with Sacred Spirits’; there is no need to shake or stir; pour straight from the freezer into a Martini glass and garnish with a twisted lemon peel or your preferred Martini garnish.

The ready-mixed Dry Martini is hand bottled at the Sacred Spirits’ distillery and finished with a gold wax seal.

Sacred Dry Martini – Where and How?

The ready-mixed Dry Martini is 40% abv, 50cl, £24.95.

Ian Hart founded Sacred Spirits in 2008. Born and bred in the house where the Sacred Spirits Distillery now sits, Ian studied Sciences at Cambridge. Taking his skills, he started to distil wine and then moved on to Gin. London, at one stage, had hundreds of Gin Distilleries using the traditional pot still to produce their spirit.

Ian wanted to try a new way and chose vacuum distillation, which preserves his hand-picked botanicals richness of flavour and aromas. A new era of London gin production had begun.

The Sacred Distillery is in the heart of historic Highgate, London, where you can Make Your Own Gin in special sessions.

Sacred Spirits’ Dry Martini is available from

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Sacred Spirits Dry Martini Brings the True Flavour of Bond into the Home 2


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