Trident Design Prototype Unveiled By Triumph Motorcycles in London

Triumph Trident Design Prototype at the London Design Museum

In the fabulous setting of the London Design Museum British Brand, Triumph motorcycles unveiled its Trident Design Prototype which marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the brand.

Middleweight motorbikes are making a come back as people take up motorcycling or return to riding. The 500 and 600 cc market is expanding as these are the capacities new riders can move up to after passing their motorcycle test. The sector also attracts people returning to biking who are using bikes to commute or a weekend activity.

Triumph Logo on the Trident design prototype

Trident the three-pronged spear has long been a symbol of power, a fitting name for Triumph’s new Triple machine. Triple relates to the three cylinders in the engine which the company have developed to produce a torque-rich performance. The new machine will inherit the agile and confidence-inspiring handling evident in other Triumph models.

Triumph Trident Design Prototype in red and white

The Trident will be available from Spring 2021 with a competitive price tag where it will become Triumph’s entry model in the Triple roadster line-up. It has taken four years to reach this stage with the bike being wholly developed at the British HQ at Hinckley. Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli has inputted on the Trident’s styling to add some flair and attitude.

The clean lines of the Trident Design Prototype

Triumph see the Trident design prototype as the birth of a new icon which is delivering a fresh, modern look for the brand increasing style and attitude through a pure, minimalistic form. It is uncluttered with clean lines yet keeps the DNA of Triumph at its core, like the knee indents on the tank and the muscular poise from the iconic Speed Triple models.

Rider ergonomics are paramount, so Triumph has used all their experience producing excellent handling the Trident. This will lead to the bike having a perfect balance of an engaged agile and dynamic ride, with an all-new chassis, married to excellent rider accessibility, comfort and confidence-inspiring feel, including a natural upright riding position.

Integrating the latest digital technology into the Trident design prototype was a key aim of Triumph as they recognise the demands of today’s riders. They have accomplished this again in a stylish way that fits the look of the model.

Trident Design Prototype with logo projected on it

Steve Sargent, Triumph Chief Product Officer commented: “The Trident design prototype marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Triumph, where the brief was all about fun, from the look to the ride. With its pure minimalist form, clean lines, Triumph design DNA and more than a hint of our Speed Triple’s muscular poise, this gives the first exciting glimpse at the full Trident story to come.

Ultimately our aim was to bring a new take on character and style, alongside the accessible, easy handling and quality Triumph is known for – at a really competitive price.”

The Trident is on my wish list to ride in 2021 as it looks gorgeous and will undoubtedly have outstanding performance, characteristic of Triumph bikes. I eagerly await more information on pricing and colours until the official full model launch is announced.

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Trident Design Prototype Unveiled By Triumph Motorcycles in London 2


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