Make Your Home Secure And Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Burglary

Make Your Home Secure And Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Burglary

The current Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)* estimated there were 750,000 incidents of domestic burglary in a twelve-month period or around 3 in 100 households.

Don Shulsinger from Blinkforhome, the manufacturer of Blink, the video home security and monitoring system, highlights some simple steps to take to prevent becoming part of these statistics.


Lock Your Doors Every Time You Leave the House:
Don’t be tempted to leave any door open because you’ll just ‘be a minute’. All it takes is a few minutes of distraction to give a criminal the chance they need to access your home. If you leave for a longer period, make sure your security systems are armed.

Ensure your door is well constructed:
The fanciest locks in the world won’t save your possessions if someone can kick right through it. Solid wood or metal doors are a must for secure exterior entrances.

Fix deadbolts on all outside doors:
If not, spend some time putting them in place. This is an easy security measure to take that is worth your time to install.


Check all your windows for locks, including upstairs:
Ideally, you have more than one locking mechanism on the windows to keep them secure. If you don’t, double check to make sure the locks are functioning.

Shatter resistant glass:
The glass in windows and sliding doors should be shatter resistant. Thin glass doesn’t create a strong deterrent against a particularly motivated criminal.

Do your doors and windows on tracks have protection?
They should have the ability to lock from the inside only and you shouldn’t be able to pull these off of their tracks from the outside.

Securely hide spare keys:
Doormats, flowerpots and fake rocks are not fooling anyone who’s determined enough to break in. Hide them securely or keep them with a friend, neighbour or family member.

Garage doors:

Manually lock your garage door:
Automatic openers offer a convenient way for your car to get in and out of the garage, but they create a vulnerable home security point because they are easier to break into. If a burglar gets into the garage, they may find weaker doors than the exterior ones or simply take valuables stored in this area. Get a separate lock that doesn’t depend on your garage door opener.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight
Can you see any valuables, such as a television or computer, when you walk in front of your house? Get window treatments to block off casual viewers so your home doesn’t get marked as a high-value target.

Improve security outside your property:

Fix Your Landscaping:
Your bushes give a burglar plenty of places to hide, and nearby trees can lead them right to your windows. For tall trees and bushes, keep the lower branches trimmed down. Shorter foliage should stay below human height. If you want to be particularly proactive about secure landscaping, get rose bushes and other thorny plants to put below your windows. Gravel pathways can be a deterrent.

Install Outdoor Lights
Make sure your property is well-illuminated at night. Put lights on all entry ways and walking paths. Motion detector lights are excellent for dark corners.

Number Your House
Can you read your house number from the street? If there’s an emergency, every second counts. Make sure the police, fire department and emergency medical personnel know the house number instantly.

Make an inventory of every item in your home. You can determine if something is missing and use it for a homeowner or renter insurance claim if you get robbed.

Install smart home technology
A range of home security camera devices are available, that are motion activated and will record people entering your home, such as Blink. Ideal for alerting you to a break-in, and recording an incident if all other measures fail!


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