Before We Forget: An Update On The 2016 World Memory Championships

Who walked away with Montegrappa's 18k Gold Memory pen at the 25th Jubilee World Memory Championships at the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore?
The 18k Gold Memory Pen by Montegrappa

Who remembered to walk away with Montegrappa’s 18k Gold Memory pen at the 25th Jubilee World Memory Championships in Singapore?

With 230 competitors registered from over 30 countries, this is by far the most comprehensive test of memory in the world. Over three days, competitors took part in 10 different memory disciplines with the one who achieves the highest cumulative score being awarded the title of World Memory Champion.

It was also for the first time in the World Memory Championship’s history that First, Second and Third prize winners received more than a cash prize. In addition to the cash reward, the world’s best competitors also received a special edition of Montegrappa’s unique “Memory” fountain pen. In line with other sports at world-class level, the First place winner received an 18k Gold Memory pen, Second place winner had a Sterling Silver one, and Third place was gifted a Memory fountain pen crafted in bronze.

Before We Forget: An Update On The 2016 World Memory Championships
Sterling silver Memory Pen from Montegrappa

Each pen is safeguarded by a beautifully crafted bespoke box, complete with an octagonal Montegrappa inkbottle. The Memory writing instruments are virtuously moulded in precious metals and bear several symbols historically associated with human memory. The barrel of the pen is engraved with Giordano Bruno’s seals of memory, depicting the different areas of memory he identified. Triangular shapes around these symbols represent the two ways memory can be used. The cap of the pen is decorated with 7 bands, the number representing the average number of things that can be stored at the same time in short-term memory, and with other 5 bands depicting the 5 basic senses, the input to the memory system.

Alex Mullen - First place, 18k Gold Memory Fountain Pen Winner
Alex Mullen – First place, 18k Gold Memory Fountain Pen Winner

The clip of the pen is shaped like the Hippocampus and the Amygdala, two important parts of the brain relating to memory. Along the clip is an area of brushed steel with horizontal lines representing the connections between the left and right side of the brain. The nib of the fountain pen has a semi-circular design, representing the ‘Theatre of Memory’.

As in all Montegrappa limited edition pens, the nib is crafted in 18k gold nib with an ebonite feeder, offering the user a writing experience that cannot be possibly obtained with lesser materials.

These materials have the characteristics of adapting over time to ‘remember’ the writing style of the user.

Winner of the Gold Montegrappa pen was Mr. Alexander Mullen from the United States, age 24, trainee medical doctor, defended one more his world title first won in 2015.

Huang Shenghua
Huang Shenghua

Second place, Silver Montegrappa fountain pen was awarded to Mr. Huang Shenghua from China, age 24, competed in 2014, 2015 and 2016 WMC.

Bronze Montegrappa pen was awarded to Mr. Su Zehe from China, age 25, first World Memory Championship.

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