CasaLuker to Offer Exclusive ‘Fino de Aroma’ Tastings at The Chocolate Show

CasaLuker will be offering exclusive taste of ‘Fino de Aroma’fresh Cacao and single-origin Colombian chocolates at the highly anticipated Chocolate Show at London’s Olympia

Throughout the weekend, those visiting the national Chocolate Week celebration event at London Olympia will also have the chance to take a virtual tour of the well-respected chocolate maker’s Granja Luker cocoa farm, whilst enjoying free samples of their signature single-origin and single-region fine-flavour chocolates, including a new selection of chocolates made with panela raw cane juice sugar.

Founded in 1906 in Colombia, family-owned CasaLuker specialises in chocolates made using the finest Criollo and Trinitarian cocoa beans from ‘Fino de Aroma’ growing regions in South America, which are highly sought after around the world. Only 8% of the total global cocoa crop is granted ‘Fino de Aroma’ premium status, having an exquisite fruity and flowery aroma and characteristic flavour with its nutty malt notes.

The fresh cacao tastings at CasaLuker’s stand will provide Chocolate Show guests with a rare opportunity to try a range of different ‘Fino de Aroma’ raw fruit pulps to experience how each type of cocoa has its own particular flavour even when sampled straight from the pod, and to understand how great cocoa is the vital starting point for creating great chocolate. There will be three varieties available to taste at 2pm daily: a Trinitarian cacao developed in Santander with a sweet taste and strong fruity notes; a mild-flavoured pulp developed in Arauca with subtle herbal notes; and a special unique cocoa developed by CasaLuker’s team that has a good balance between sweetness and acidity and a pleasant mouth-feel.

Attendees will also be able to explore an authentic Colombian cacao plantation without leaving London Olympia, by taking part in a “virtual reality” 360° tour of the company’s renowned Granja Luker farm. A true origin producer and passionate about sustainability, CasaLuker is actively involved in every stage of the production process, from the tree right through to the finished chocolate. They work with hundreds of farmers in Colombia, buying beans locally through agreements with cocoa cooperatives, and training over 800 people per year at Granja Luker, which was founded in 1962 and is one of the few cocoa research centres in the world.

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