GATO & Co Puddings – Are They The Perfect Guilt-Free Dessert?

GATO & Co: A New Generation Of Guilt-Free Desserts

The GATO & Co artisan puddings have been lovingly created to incorporate superfoods while being free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and flour. Leanne Kelsall, a current British physique champion wanted to know more.

Though delicious, they’re not the sort of things we indulge in when we’re on a health-kick, right? Well, not anymore, because now you can have your cake and eat it. Meet the new GATO & Co puds that are actually good for you – and they’re crammed with superfoods.

These guilt-free desserts have been lovingly created by founders Charlotte and Kim in a bid to create yummy treats that are free from nasties like refined sugar and empty calories.

They’re handmade in the UK using 100% whole and natural ingredients, with some superfoods thrown in for good measure. (Think chia seeds, organic cacao, cardamom and antioxidant-packed spirulina.)

There’s more good news; they contain roughly half the sugar and calories of our favourite desserts!

Each pot is less than 230 calories and they’re also gluten and dairy-free. So as well as tasting incredible, you won’t suffer any of those side-effects from the processed ingredients that sweet treats usually contain.

Now, we’re not saying you should give up your favourite indulgences forever – it’s all about balance, right? But if you’re looking to eat clean, these puds are a mini miracle and really do taste like the real thing, with the added bonus of giving you a superfood boost.

Founder Charlotte Dauzat comments, “I grew up in Provence with a love for simple, wholesome and naturally delicious food. But after years leading a frantic city life, this philosophy felt distant. When I figured out that banishing refined food and embracing whole, nutritious ingredients clearly improved my health and energy levels. I realised it was time to come back to my roots. I started this exciting baking adventure and began exploring a world of tasty and nutritious alternatives. After several months of training at Le Cordon Bleu, I created a new range of free-from, indulgent puddings that are both tasty AND packed with natural goodness…tadaa! GATO & Co was born!”

GATO & Co – Where & How?

You can get your hands on these three yummy flavours:

  • Chocolate & Aubergine Fondant
  • Orange, Cardamom & Polenta Sponge
  • Chocolate & Coconut Brownie

GATO & Co can be found in Sainsbury’s, Selfridges and Ocado at £2.29 per pot.


Open pots of dessert from GATO & Co

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