In Conversation With Brook + Wilde’s Co-founder, Andrew Tyler

In Conversation With Brook + Wilde's Co-founder, Andrew Tyler

Luxurious Magazine’s Sabi Phagura caught up with Brook + Wilde co-founder Andrew Tyler to understand the importance of a decent mattress.

Luxurious Magazine: Congratulations on the launch of the new Extra Firm Elite mattress. How different is this to the existing firm one in the same range?
Andrew Tyler: The extra firm mattress still contains all the elements you’ll find in the Elite mattress; the eight different layers of memory foam and springs (all 3,500 of them), the ‘wave technology’ for better spinal alignment, and the removable/washable top cover. We found increased demand for an extra firm mattress and began making them on a bespoke basis for customers. As the demand grew, we added them to the full range, and they’ve proven to be very popular.

LM: How important is it to get the right mattress?
AT: You spend a third of your life in bed, so why not make it the best experience that you can? Getting the right mattress is incredibly important for physical and mental wellbeing. The health benefits of good sleep are well documented, and now more than ever, people find that their bed is a sanctuary from the outside world. Going the extra mile and finding a mattress to luxuriate in, is in my opinion worth every penny.

The Elite Mattress from Brook + Wilde

LM: What should we be looking for when purchasing a mattress?
AT: It’s important to understand that one mattress won’t suit all people – we are all different and are likely to prefer different grades of mattress; some of us will like an extra firm mattress, while others will fall in love with a squishy soft mattress. Find the mattress that suits you best, and buy the best one that you can afford to. There’s an old saying that you should invest in a good pair of shoes and a good bed – because you’re either in one or the other!

LM: For whom is the Extra Firm mattress suitable for?
AT: We have found that many people simply find a firmer mattress more comfortable. Additionally, a firmer mattress can also help people with bad backs, and most osteopaths will recommend a firm option. We also find that heavier people will opt for a firm mattress as it gives them more support.

LM: Tell us about the ‘wave technology’ used in this range of mattress and what it means.
AT: Our ‘wave technology’ is a unique foam layer that runs through the middle of the mattress. It has a wave-like design and has different levels of density which target areas like the hips and shoulders to provide better support. This, in turn, offers better spinal alignment. All this means you should wake up free of aches and pains, and well refreshed.

LM: Do you think working from home is putting a strain on the body?
AT: Yes, we have had lots of new customers coming to us with back issues caused by poor sitting postures in homemade offices. People have had to adapt to working from home and make use of existing tables and chairs which are not designed for long periods of use and are not ergonomically designed.

LM: How has the Brook + Wilde homeware brand encompassed this information and implemented it into its latest range?
AT: We try to make the best mattresses that can be made. A prerequisite is a design that provides outstanding comfort and support, which in turn should help with better back support. It’s vital that a great quality mattress is combined with a generally healthy lifestyle to combat the stresses and strains we endure in everyday life.

On the side of a Brook + Wilde Mattress box is the definition of what they believe a mattress should be

LM: And what else does Brook +Wilde specialise in?
AT: Brook + Wilde has built a reputation for best-in-class mattresses, and we are now taking that approach to other product ranges, such as beds, duvets, pillows, rugs and chairs. Our philosophy is to create truly outstanding products with high-quality design and construction. We don’t want to provide everyday products; we want to delight our customers with genuinely luxurious items that stand the test of time.

LM: What is next in the pipeline for the Brook + Wilde brand?
AT: We have already started to expand into other areas of the home, and we will continue to do so in 2021.

Brook + Wilde – Where and How?

To contact Andrew Tyler and for more information on the Brook + Wilde Extra Firm Elite mattress and the other products in the range, visit

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In Conversation With Brook + Wilde's Co-founder, Andrew Tyler 2


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