Luxury Textile Designer Araminta Campbell’s Woodland Inkcap Pieces

Luxury Textile Designer Araminta Campbell's Woodland Inkcap Pieces

Araminta Campbell has unveiled a new limited-edition as part of her contemporary interiors range. The new pieces have been inspired by a troop of Woodland inkcap mushrooms and are available exclusively in two sizes of throw, across three natural colourways: grey and white, caramel and white and white.

Inspired by the colours and textures of the Scottish countryside, Araminta began weaving as a way to capture Scotland in cloth. Her artist’s eye and childhood in the hills of Royal Deeside have shaped her unique approach to textile design. As both the creative director and designer in her company, Araminta brings this personal history to every project creating textiles which are evident in her new Woodland Inkcap pieces.

The Woodland Inkcap Pieces are a limited-edition, with just 200 of each piece being made available. The limited-edition artisan mill woven design is crafted from the finest British Alpaca and mill woven by Scottish artisan weavers. Each piece showcases the finest craftsmanship synonymous with Araminta Campbell.

From the design itself, inspired by a moment captured in the Scottish landscape, to the British alpaca breeders who nurture and care for the animals whose fleece are used to make the 100% British alpaca throws, and onto the specialist woollen mill in Devon who scour, card and spin their alpaca yarn using valuable rural skills, through to the family-run artisan mill in the Scottish Borders who use centuries-old skills on vintage looms to produce their MINTA designs, the new pieces are an ode to the British Isles.

One of the limited-edition fleeces draped over a chair

Why Alpaca Fleece?
Alpaca fleece is a wonderful and versatile fibre to work with, silky soft to the touch and naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those who can’t wear wool. The Alpaca fleece comes in a wide range of 22 natural colours, so there’s no need to use dyes, thus preserving the material’s natural lustre and softness.

It’s also one of the best insulating natural fibres thanks to the hollow structure that traps air, ensuring the wearer keeps warm when it is cold and vice versa, cool in hot weather. Being a light fibre, Alpaca drapes beautifully, and this elegance adds that extra touch of sophistication.

Most luxury fibres such as silk and cashmere come from outside of the UK, but with Alpaca, Araminta Campbell has been able to source her premium fleeces from within the UK, which helps to support British producers and farmers.

The expert weaver Araminta CampbellAraminta explained, “The natural landscape is a constant source of inspiration, and when you look at its beauty, reflecting this in design, the results are timeless and classic. I design heirloom pieces that will be as beautiful to the next generation as they are today.”

Working with luxury giants such as Fortnum & Mason and The Fife Arms, Braemar, the launch of their new MINTA design sees Araminta Campbell showcasing her exceptional design skills once more.

Araminta Campbell and Sustainability
With the natural world as her greatest inspiration, Araminta Campbell has always believed that the need to look after it for future generations has never been greater. Unlike many other companies using sustainability as simply a marketing ploy, Araminta ensured that her brand was built on a sustainable foundation and hasn’t wavered from this.

The company upholds the highest ethical standards in producing all its pieces and is constantly seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact; the brand is also a signatory of the Walpole sustainability charter and part of their working groups in luxury fashion and interiors.

The British alpaca fleece is sourced direct from farms and breeders in the British Isles, and each fleece can be traced back to its originating farm. This level of traceability is fundamental to Araminta.

The Quality Stems from Tradition
The luxury of Araminta Campbell’s work is in the detail, from the beautifully finished selvedge and delicate tassels of a handwoven item to the use of the finest natural fibres.

Some of the vintage looms in the Edinburgh Studio

As well as designing and hand weaving all Signature pieces in the studio and workshop, the Studio works with the finest hand-picked weaving mills across Scotland for the MINTA collection and bespoke tweed and tartan projects. Some of the looms and tools she uses are modern, whilst others date back well over a century. Araminta feels that she is privileged to help sustain historical Scottish crafts and businesses.

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