Can the Beurer TL30 SAD Lamp Chase the Blues Away?

Can the Beurer TL30 SAD Lamp Chase the Blues Away?

We are all aware of the Winter Blues, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. A lack of sunlight often brings it on, and one potential way to combat it is by using a specialised product such as the Beurer TL30 SAD lamp.

Winter 2020/21 has hit people particularly hard due to enforced Lockdown. People have been venturing outdoors less, and the reduction in exposure to the limited amount of daylight we get during the season has had an impact. One of the most significant effects of this is something known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is a recognised depressive illness caused by shortened daylight hours and lack of sunlight, and more people than you would expect are having to deal with it.

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It’s no secret that going outside and seeing the sun shining improves our mood, and SAD lamps reproduce artificial daylight allowing you to get sun inside, which has benefits for your mental health.

The Beurer Therapy Light 30 is UV free, so you get all the daylight benefits without skin cancer risk. It is an electronic tablet’s size, meaning it can be carried anywhere, allowing you to top up with some light anytime.

Using the TL30 can reduce the production of Melatonin which is a hormone inducing tiredness, lowering your mood too. It counters this with stimulating production and serotonin levels, which improves peoples’ mindset, leading to better wellbeing.

Image showing the Beurer TL30 SAD Lamp

When buying a SAD lamp, you must confirm it emits 10,000 LUX or more to produce the required radiance amount to mimic daylight. The Beurer TL30 is capable of this; after a few weeks, I have seen an improvement in my mood. Switching it on, first thing in the morning illuminates the room entirely and brightens my day.

The TL30 lamp next to the box it arrived in

I would recommend purchasing the Beurer TL30 SAD lamp even if you are not suffering from the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder which I wasn’t. I find the brightness in the morning or on some of the gloomy days we have had recently, comforting and uplifting. Let’s face it; in this current day and age, and with what’s going on around the world, anything that can help boost one’s mood is more than welcome.

Beurer TL30 SAD Lamp – Where and How?

The Beurer TL30 comes with a three-year guarantee and is priced at £54.99. More information and details of stockists can be found at

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Can the Beurer TL30 SAD Lamp Chase the Blues Away? 2


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