Borderlines by Russian born artist Margo Trushina

Borderlines by Russian born artist Margo Trushina

Erarta Galleries London will present its first collaborative exhibition with Russian born artist Margo Trushina entitled Borderlines

Margo Trushina’s latest sculptural and photographic series entitled ‘Borderlines’ explores humanity’s perception of our environment and its physical and metaphysical lines and boundaries. Trushina insinuates meaning through contrasting the artificial and the organic, and highlighting the underlying tensions between these supposed opposites.

  • A line that establishes or marks a border.
  • An indefinite area intermediate between two qualities or conditions.
  • A boundary separating two countries or areas I a division between two distinct or opposite things.

Borderlines by Russian born artist Margo Trushina 7Often employing the use of photographic backdrops and synthetic materials parodying natural landscapes, the exhibition beckons the viewer to suspend their knowledge of the image as a constructed fiction. This allows the viewer to imbue the artwork with their own beliefs and fantasies on a separate plane somewhere between the real and the unreal. Her diverse work questions and rethinks existing forms of representation and organisation, and seeks to explore alternative ways of addressing the conventions and categories relating to our surroundings.

The exhibition, consisting of thirteen works in a myriad of mediums, intimates an underlying shared narrative of implied human presence through the interweaving of the natural and the constructed. The body of work becomes a gateway to make-believe worlds, invoking Trushina’s underlying interest in storytelling, a skill honed whilst studying photojournalism at Moscow State University.

Trushina’s work gently comments on the delicate harmony between the rural and the urban as well as the pre-existing boundaries seen in nature. The body of work contains no human presence and no obvious political line of thought, but instead explores the comprehension and experience of the perceived frontiers of our environment through personal experiences of travel and the artist’s own perception of nature.

About Margo Trushina (1981-)

Borderlines by Russian born artist Margo Trushina 8Margo Trushina is Russian artist who now resides in London. She studied photojournalism at Moscow State University and later Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Art and Design. Trushina has extensive experience of exhibiting internationally, including a show at the Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art and the renowned Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Best known for her immersive large-scale public art installations, she is the current Art Director for the cross-national ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream Festival’ in Moscow and London which takes places yearly on Kensington Palace Gardens. Trushina’s studio works are largely inspired by her passion for travelling and reflect on the ever-changing geopolitical situation present in her homeland.

Where and when?
Erarta Galleries London
23 January – 14 March
Private View: 22 January, 6-9pm

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