The Chilli No 5 Sauces are the Perfect Way to Spice up Your Life

The Chilli No 5 Sauces are the Perfect Way to Spice up Your Life

Are you a fan of superfoods such as chilli’s or know people who might want to add a bit of spice to their lives? We’ve found the perfect thing and just in time for the festive season. It’s the Chilli No 5 Line of luxury sauces, and we guarantee they’ll make the colder months feel considerably warmer!

In our household, we adore chillies. It could be down to the fact we lived on a tropical island in south-east Asia for seven years, where we were introduced to this rather inconspicuous ingredient that could rapidly turn the blandest dish into culinary dynamite.

As many of our readers know, at Luxurious Magazine we love the opportunity to educate, and I have personally embraced this by regularly introducing an interesting fact or two in my articles, preferably ones that will surprise our readers; so here goes.

A beautifully sliced chili

Is a chilli a vegetable or a fruit?
I’d guess that most of your will be thinking “it’s obviously a vegetable”. After all, it’s not sweet and certainly looks like a vegetable.

However, and we’re sure that this will surprise some, chillies are in fact, fruit and if you want to get ultra-strict on the definition front, chilli peppers are berries! If you’re wondering how this can be, we only need to look at tomatoes and eggplants which are officially fruits. Just because something doesn’t look like its brothers and sisters and is without a sweet taste doesn’t exclude them.

Why you need chillies in your lives
As I mentioned earlier, chillies are known to be a superfood. And continuing the educational theme, they have some quite extraordinary benefits packed inside their small bodies. Did you know that they have more vitamin A than tomatoes do and more vitamin C than oranges?

In addition to this, they contain copper which is essential for keeping your bones healthy. Vitamin B6 that helps with metabolism, vitamin K1, which boosts kidney function and potassium that can help reduce heart disease.

The gift set box hold each of the sauce vials securely in place

The Chilli No 5 Packaging
Presentation is key when it comes to high-end food products, and the creators of Chilli No 5 got it right with their packaging. The black box has a magnetic lid and upon opening contains five beautiful vials held tightly inside a sponge layer. Also inside each set is a detailed brochure telling you exactly what’s in each of the blends. We found that the vials are held so securely in place, a little technique was needed to get them out. The best way is to gently push down on the lid of the vial and ease it forward.

Chilli No 5 Gift set vials of sauces

Tasting the Chilli No 5 Gift Sets
When testing products containing chillies, you never truly know what to expect. In our household, although we are more than capable of eating the hottest chillies, we prefer any tasting experience to be one without internal bodily alarm bells ringing.

There’s always a feeling of trepidation before you try a product containing chillies, particularly if something has a word such as ‘fury’ in its title. There’s a good reason for keeping one guard up. No doubt many of you will have seen the displays of machoism in videos where people (generally men) try to outdo each other by eating the hottest chillies possible and in between bites, gulp down a variety of liquids with tears flowing from their eyes. Unless you’re a fan of pain, this is something to be avoided, and fortunately, the Chilli No 5 luxury sauces concentrate far more on flavour rather than trying to cause internal problems.

An English Roast with sauce being poured onto itFor our taste test, we picked three blends, the Ever So English, Mexican Fury and Wicked Wasabi. There was some debate about who could go first in the taste test, and Paul made the decision easy by saying “you first, it might be too hot for me!”

I started with the English chilli blend and must admit that I was won over with my first taste. Seeing that I wasn’t in any discomfort, Paul then chose to have a taste, and he too loved it. Almost in unison, we felt the subtle build-up of warmth in our bodies. The best way to describe it was a flavour explosion and 30 seconds later, a gentle feeling of warmth which never bordered on being uncomfortable. That one brief taste showed us the care and attention that had gone into creating these luxury sauces.

It was exactly the same with the Mexican Fury and Wicked Wasabi blends, both were packed with flavour before gently producing a comforting feeling of warmth.

The variety of flavours contained within the gift sets make them ideal for any meal. With the English Blend, we tried it with a traditional English breakfast, and the combination of the chilli sauce with black pudding was amazing.

The five vials inside one of the Chilli No 5 Gift Sets

Final thoughts
Rumble Romagnoli, Chilli No 5’s CEO said that he wanted “to reinvent people’s favourite international hot sauce flavours, to elevate your plate.” He’s done this and more. He’s created a simple way to transform a boring home-cooked meal into something remarkably special instantly.

As we mentioned during our taste test, the Chilli No 5 luxury sauces concentrate more on flavour than an overload of heat, which should make them suitable for all palates. The packaging is of high quality and would make an ideal gift with the festive season coming up. But, if you’re anything like us, your curiosity will get the better of you and you won’t resist trying one. Once you do, you’ll decide to keep them all for yourself and to our eyes, it would be a very wise choice.

Chilli No 5 – Where and how?

Each Chilli No 5 gift set comes with five glass tasting vials with 25ml of sauce in each. The excellent packaging makes them easy to transport so you can even take them with you to your favourite restaurant.

The Chilli No 5 Gifts sets comprise of:

The Kitchen Collection
● Wicked Wasabi
● Chinese Hot & Sour
● Sriracha Cha-Cha-Cha
● Ever So English
● Forever Phall

The BBQ Collection
● Louisiana BBQ
● Perfect Piri Piri
● Heavenly Harissa
● Jamaican Jerk
● Mexican Fury

The Chilli No 5 website also offers the option to purchase 100ml refill pouches and 200ml glass bottles of the sauces. All of the above is available to purchase via

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The Chilli No 5 Sauces are the Perfect Way to Spice up Your Life 2


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