Chivas Brothers Releases Three Limited Edition Whisky Collections

Chivas Brothers Releases Three Limited Edition Whisky Collections

Simon Wittenberg takes a look at the recent release of three exceptionally rare limited edition whisky collections by Chivas Brothers, which can be purchased online for the very first time.

Normally available directly from the distilleries, Chivas Brothers has released just 600 bottles of whisky as part of three exclusive collections, which include the oldest ever releases from Aberlour and Scapa. They are mostly available to UK customers only and, with these single malt expressions being incredibly rare, once they’re gone, they’re never coming back.

The Glenlivet Cellar Collection
The Glenlivet Cellar Collection (main image above) includes some of the oldest and most limited expressions of the iconic original Speyside single malt. It is made up of a 30 year old – 49% ABV (limited to 240 bottles priced at £900 each), a 33 year old – 48.8% ABV (90 bottles at £1,500 each) and a 38 year old – 41.1% ABV (30 bottles costing £6,500 each). Spearheading the line-up is a 40 year old – 46.4% ABV, which costs £9,000, and just 18 bottles are available.

Bottled at cask strength and non-chill filtered, The Glenlivet Cellar Collection gives whisky connoisseurs a chance to add a piece of heritage to their portfolio.

The Glenlivet Cellar Collection 30 year old and 33 year old can be purchased online for customers based in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Glenlivet Cellar Collection 38 year old and 40 year old, which is exclusive to UK customers, can also be ordered by calling The Glenlivet Visitor Centre Shop on 01340 821720.

The Aberlour Cellar Collection

The Aberlour Cellar Collection
The Aberlour Cellar Collection is a first for the distillery, and counts two expressions that are amongst the oldest releases to be bottled by Aberlour, namely a 39 year old – 45.5% ABV (102 bottles priced at £9,500 each) and a 44 year old – 43.2% (42 bottles costing £12,500 each). The Aberlour Cellar Collection can be purchased by UK customers only by calling The Aberlour Visitor Centre Shop on 01340 881249.

The Scapa Single Cask Vintage Editions

The Scapa Single Cask Vintage Editions
The Scapa Single Cask Vintage Editions are the most exceptionally rare single malts released by the distillery, consisting of a 29 year old – 41.72 ABV (priced at £1,500 for each of the 60 bottles), a 41 year old – 47.33% ABV (each of the 30 bottles costs £12,500) and a 42 year old – 41.33% ABV (12 bottles priced at £15,000 each).

These are the first new expressions from Scapa in nearly half a decade, and the whiskies have all been distilled and filled into single casks between 1977 and 1990. They have also been aged in the finest American Oak barrels, with the 1977 being the oldest release to ever come from Scapa.

Chivas Brothers – Where and How?

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Chivas Brothers Releases Three Limited Edition Whisky Collections 2


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