Exclusive Luxurious Magazine Interview With Alix Lawson, Lawson Robb

Exclusive Luxurious Magazine Interview With Alix Lawson, Lawson Robb

Established in 2003 by Alix Lawson and Charlotte Robb, Lawson Robb is an architecture and interior design practice based in London, a young female duo responsible for creating cutting edge interiors. Projects across the globe can range from small pied-a-terres to large family homes, multi-dwelling development projects, hotels and yachts. We caught up with Alix to find out more.

LM: How do customers view luxury in interior design – is it based on the features that they choose or the amount of money spent?

AL: Customers are very discerning. Luxurious interiors require exceptional attention to detail, the highest quality of finishing, bespoke finishes, furniture and designs. This does relate to budget as certain finishes are more expensive and one off custom pieces are more costly to produce than mass market products. However overall it is about quality and the look or feel of the item.

LM: As basement conversions become increasingly popular in larger properties, have you seem the same trend with home cinemas?

AL: Yes, there is always a question of how to fill the space within basement conversions. Generally it is used for leisure space and staff quarters. Home cinemas and wellness and spa areas have proved to be increasingly popular with our clients but new trends pop up all the time. We recently installed a cigar room for one of our clients, complete with custom built humidors and ventilation system. This is a more unusual example but it’s a great illustration of how to deal with small awkward spaces in older properties.

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LM: What are the most important factors to take into consideration when designing a home cinema?

AL: The key is acoustics and distance from the projector to the size of the screen. The size of the room generally dictates the size of the screen. It is also important to make the room feel cosy and comfortable. We have installed oversized daybeds in recent home cinemas, as opposed to the traditional cinema style seats. We have also been installing acoustically lined silk clad walls and ceilings along with silk carpets to create comfortable and elegant surroundings.

LM: Are the possibilities literally endless if the budget allows?

AL: Yes. Things cost what they cost at the end of the day, but a bigger budget allows us more time on truly bespoke design and sourcing individual artisan finishes and furniture.

LM: What is the most extravagant interior you have ever created?

AL: The basement in a house in Knightsbridge. This required complete remodelling and filling in existing light wells to create a wellness centre/spa/gym along with home cinema and wine cellar. A jacuzzi was installed two storeys below a glass bridge.

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LM: You are current shortlisted for the 2013 International Design & Architectural Awards. What does this mean for you?

AL: It is the recognition of our work from the design community and the public.

LM: What luxury projects are you currently working on, and do they take you across the globe?

AL: We are currently working on super prime developments and several private residences in central London. Our diverse range of international clients are very important to us and our work takes us around the globe. We have recently worked on a hotel project in Costa Rica and we are looking forward to projects in New York, the Middle East and the South of France this year.

LM: Are there any interior designers that you keep an eye on or that have inspired you?

AL: It’s always interesting and inspiring to see what other interior designers and architects are doing globally. However we look across the board for inspiration, be it fashion, travel, food, nature and general day-to-day living. It’s so important to constantly keep your eyes open as even the slightest element can inspire you to create a fantastic design. We have a very international team at Lawson Robb and together we pool all our influences together. We don’t like to follow trends as every client brief is different and we want our client’s interiors to have longevity.

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