The New GreenPan PFAS-Free Slow Cooker is a Low & Slow Money Saving Asset

The New GreenPan PFAS-Free Slow Cooker is a Low & Slow Energy Bill Reducer

Low and slow are two words that don’t resonate with us when we think of cooking in the kitchen, but they are integral to the new GreenPan PFAS-Free Slow Cooker. As people unfamiliar with slow cookers, we were unsure how one would benefit us. However, this attractive-looking machine had an important ace up its sleeve, which made it a must-try given the times we are experiencing.

Over the past few years, as uncomfortable as its been, many of us have now become somewhat immune to any news of rising costs. The continuous rising of prices has impacted many essentials, from food to energy costs, and there are few signs of this reversing in the shorter term.

Admittedly, the UK government has helped by gifting every household a sum of money each month towards their energy bills. However, this month sees its ending, and the full impact of this will be felt by many in the very near future.

Just about everyone on the planet dislikes the notion of paying more than they need to, and when the thought of the cost to cook begins to factor into the equation, it’s obvious a change is needed. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to help keep costs down, and one of them involves utilising a slow cooker.

A black version of the cooker on a kitchen work surface

What is a slow cooker?
Slow cookers are used to create meals over a longer period at lower temperatures. Simply prepare and add the ingredients (brown the meat beforehand if you wish) and let the Slow Cooker do the work. These appliances are perfect for busy weekdays and family dinners of stews, casseroles, a shoulder of lamb, pasta sauces, soups, curries and tagines.

The cooker with its pan full of cooked food

Generally, slow cookers are made up of three parts, which comprise a heated base, a cooking pot, and of course, a lid. They are available in a range of sizes, with the largest capacity models having a capacity of 7L. the GreenPan Slow Cooker we tested was at the upper end of the size scale at 6L.

The GreenPan 6L PFAS-Free Slow Cooker
The GreenPan Slow cooker is a nice-looking appliance, which to me, was somewhat retro-looking. It is available in four colours, Blue Haze, Black, Stainless Steel and Cream.

Two images showing the cooker in Blue Haze and Cream

The GreenPan’s slow cooker is capable of frying meats and vegetables, and following this, you simply need to lower the temperature, which lets whatever you are cooking to simmer for hours, bringing even more of the flavours out.

It’s a brilliant design, as you can leave it to its own devices while you get on with doing other things. It has a digital panel which offers a variety of cooking program modes, which comprise:

  • Simmer/buffet
  • Steam
  • Slow cook
  • Brown/Sauté,
  • High/Low/Warm and reheat

The slow cooker can run for up to twenty-four hours and has a heavy-gauge 6L aluminium pan, which is removable and can be put in a dishwasher. Other features of the GreenPan Slow cooker are it is metal utensil safe and it has a tempered glass lid which is also dishwasher safe.

GreenPan’s slow cooker is a relatively small appliance; it’s smaller than our microwave and larger than our air fryer. The exact measurements in centimetres are L46 x W31.3 X H28.1.

Cost Saving – Slow Cooker vs Oven
The costs can vary depending on the size of the slow cooker, which can range from a compact 1.5 litres suitable for two people up to 7 litres for big families and batch cooking.

The average energy cost of a slow cooker annually is £59, compared to £316 for a conventional oven, according to household energy specialist Utilita. And according to Direct Energy, a typical electric oven uses between 2,000 to 5,000 watts of energy, which is over 100 times higher than the energy consumption of a slow cooker.

Of course, remember to take into account the time it takes to preheat the oven, too, and the heat lost every time you open the oven door when switched on.

The cooking pot being removed from the cooker

What is PFAS, and why is GreenPan keen to state its slow cooker is PFAS-free?
The GreenPan Slow Cooker states it is PFAS-free, which might cause some of our readers to say, “So what?” PFAS is an acronym for poly-fluoroalkyl substances, which cover around 12,000 human-made chemicals whose properties, when applied to products in specific ways, make them resistant to everything from dirt and water to oil. It explains why they are commonly used in the manufacturing of many kitchen items, such as pans.

Environmentalists don’t like them very much, and for a good reason. It can take up to 1,000 years for them to break down completely, which is the reason why they have the nickname ‘forever chemicals.’

Given how long we’ve been using them in manufacturing, it’s almost certain that every PFAS produced still exists on our planet.

Sadly, these chemicals often end up in the soil, water and even the air, which means they “by hook or by crook” eventually find their way into our food chain. The result of this is almost everyone alive on the planet now has PFAS in their blood.

Is this something you should be worried about? Apparently, it is, as according to numerous studies.

Having too much PFAS in your body could result in all manner of debilitating health problems, including an increased chance of prostate, kidney or testicular cancer, developmental delays in children, increased cholesterol levels, thyroid problems and more.

Instead of using PFAS, GreenPan has opted to go down a different route, using a non-stick coating called Thermolon Volt. The big benefit of this coating is it allows you to stay healthy and cook healthy meals minus all the harmful chemicals.

The steel coloured version of the cooker in the kitchen

Final thoughts
My wife and I have been on something of a food health drive this year. We have avoided all harmful, highly processed foods. We drink herbal teas, Kombucha and Kefir, eat fermented vegetables, buy organic produce where possible and ensure that we get at least thirty types of fruit and vegetable in our bodies every week, and we feel much better for doing it.

The addition of the GreenPan 6L PFAS-Free Slow Cooker has inspired us to take our meals to new heights. We have found it to be a fuss-free way to cook delicious and healthy meals (pop it in and forget about it), and equally as important in our minds, we are saving money on energy bills compared to the way we used to cook!

The GreenPan PFAS-free Slow Cooker – Where and how?

About GreenPan
GreenPan was developed in 2007 by two childhood friends – Jan Helskens and Wim De Veirman – in Belgium. Having discovered how damaging some coatings can be to people’s health, they embarked on a mission to create a healthy non-stick alternative resulting in the introduction of Thermolon™, an innovative, zero-harm ceramic non-stick coating that delivers outstanding cooking results every time.

The NEW PFAS-free GreenPan Slow Cooker, RRP £199, is available in Stainless Steel, Glossy Black, Blue Haze and Cloud Cream from John Lewis, Lakeland, and selected retailers nationwide.

Full technical specifications can be found by visiting the GreenPan website above.

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A closeup view of the PFAS-free pot with a stew in itThe New GreenPan PFAS-Free Slow Cooker is a Low & Slow Money Saving Asset 2

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