Our 2020 Guide to the Tastiest Low Or No Alcohol Drinks

2020 Guide to the Tastiest Low Or No Alcohol Drinks

Whether you’re going sober for October or choose to be alcohol-free all year round, these booze-free, hangover-free drinks are just as tasty as the real thing.

According to recent research, 47% of UK adult drinkers are looking to cut back on their alcohol intake.

However, when trying to go booze-free or make healthier drink choices, it can often feel like the only option is a boring old soda and lime.

Luckily, the UK’s alcohol-free category has begun to take off, and with so much choice, we’ve rounded up some of the best low or no alcohol drinks to replace your favourite grown-up tipples. Let’s get started!


Lucky Saint 0.5% Unfiltered Lager, £24 for a pack of 12
This award-winning 0.5% larger tastes just like the real thing, with biscuity, malty flavours and a hoppy finish. It’s not totally alcohol-free, but still, it’s a great choice for anyone who’s looking to cut back. The larger is made using all-natural ingredients and has a bespoke brewing process. It’s just 53 calories for a bottle and suitable for vegans too. Lucky Saint is available to buy online at Majestic Wine.
For more information visit www.luckysaint.co.


Cans of Adnam Southwold Wild Wave Cider

Wild Wave 0.5% Cider, £16.99 for a pack of 12
If you’re a cider-lover who’s looking to cut back, this one’s an excellent choice. This refreshing and wonderfully crisp cider comes from the award-winning Southwold brewery Adnams. It’s crafted with a mix of English bittersweet and dessert apples that have been grown in the heart of the Malvern Hills. For more information visit www.adnams.co.uk.


Nine Elms No.18, £16.95
This award-winning non-alcoholic drink can be sipped alone or enjoyed in a cocktail. It’s infused with 20 botanicals and four different types of berry that have been specially blended to be paired with food. It’s similar to wine with its full-bodied flavours but also boasts a bitterness, similar an aperitif. Nine Elms No.18 is available to buy online at Master of Malt. For more information visit www.nineelmsdrinks.com.


Bottles of Warners Botanical Spirits in the summer sunshine

Warner’s 0% Botanic Garden Spirits, £18 (50cl)
Similar to gin, this alcohol-free Warner’s Botanical spirit is made from farm-grown ingredients. It’s refreshing and smooth with a zesty kick and available in two flavours – Pink Berry and Juniper Double Dry. It’s the first alcohol-free spirit from the Northamptonshire-based distillery, and like their collection of gins, it comes in a beautiful bottle. For more information visit www.warnersdistillery.com.

Bottle of Sea Arch Coastal Juniper on the rocks by the sea

Sea Arch Coastal Juniper, £24.95 (70cl)
Sea Arch Coastal Juniper has all the deliciousness of gin with none of the alcohol. Best enjoyed over ice with your favourite tonic, it’s bursting with seaside botanicals that are inspired by the Devonshire coast. The spirit combines sea kelp and samphire along with juniper, blood orange, cardamom and coriander to make a complex and sophisticated alcohol-free spirit. For more information visit www.seaarchdrinks.com.

Atopia Ultra-Low Alcohol Spirit, £25 (70cl)
The 0.5% botanical spirit comes from the same distillers as Hendrick’s Gin. Great for gin-drinkers, it contains an ultra-low amount of alcohol while still providing that zesty and botanical gin taste. There are two flavours – Spiced Citrus or Wild Blossom flavours – and you can pick a bottle up at Sainsbury’s or Waitrose. For more information visit www.atopia.co.uk.

Bottle of Mary by Illogical Drinks on a tray

Mary, £23.90 for a 70cl bottle
Mary is a low calorie and low alcohol spirit created by Illogical Drinks.  With just 6% ABV and nine calories per 25ml serving, it’s a good choice if you’re not looking to give up alcohol completely but do want to moderate how much you’re drinking. With botanicals such as including basil, thyme, sage, pine needles and juniper, the result is a spirit that’s zesty and herbal, with a touch of fresh citrus. It’s best served with a tonic.
For more information visit www.drink-mary.com.


Can of Long Shot Grapefruit Seltzer with a sliced grapefruit

Long Shot Seltzers, £28.50 for a box of 12
Friends George and Hugo quit their day jobs to create these deliciously refreshing low-calorie tipples that are a healthier alternative to your favourite canned cocktail. They contain alcohol at 4% ABV but are low in calories and sugar, at just 68 calories or less per can.

Unlike most other Hard Seltzers on the market, Long Short Seltzers are made from all-natural, locally sourced ingredients. They’re vegan, keto-friendly and gluten-free. They’re pre-mixed too, and come in three flavours, ready to pour straight over ice.
For more information visit www.longshotdrinks.co.uk.

Pollenade, £18 for a pack of 6
This fresh and fruity CBD-infused drink combines 15mg water-soluble CBD from broad-spectrum hemp oil with natural juices. It’s the perfect hangover-free pick-me-up after a long week at work and even as an alternative to your afternoon coffee. That’s because CBD oil is known to have a host of benefits, including mood-enhancing properties, better sleep quality, and more. Pollenade is only 50 calories a can, and it’s vegan-friendly.
For more information visit www.withpollen.com.

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