Holly Hamlyn’s Eternity Light Fronts a New Era in Lighting Design

Holly Hamlyn's Eternity Light Fronts a New Era in Lighting Design

The recently launched Eternity Light by Holly Hamlyn of HH Designs is an elegant mix of beauty and practicality and ushers in a new era of stylish lighting design.

Recently, we’ve reignited our passion for design and, whilst doing so, have come across some quite brilliant creations from some extraordinary minds. For this article, we’re taking a close look at the latest creation from up-and-coming interior designer and artist Holly Hamlyn.

Holly’s Eternity Light is not only a beautiful object that will garner admiring gazes from those seeing it; it is also extremely practical. The Eternity Light has a base and a top, both of which are circular. What sets it apart is the rounded top’s ability to be physically twisted, which changes the look of the light whilst still retaining its organic shape. This flexibility allows for multiple uses, distinguishing it from other more traditional lamps.

Close up views of the light

Key to its design is the signature eternity ring or ‘circle’, representing unity and cementing its sophisticated look. Holly said, “I have always loved a circle and what it represents. The circular top can be easily moved to achieve a more dynamic composition or to slant in any direction,” continues Hamlyn. The two triangles forming the centre portion can also mirror one another to create a balanced and clean look.”

Holly fixing the light into positionThe Eternity Light has multiple uses ranging from focused lighting to subtler illumination of more general type areas. This functionality makes it suitable for a range of interiors and functions – from a modern-day desk lamp to room décor and ambience. Further, its LED strip creates a beautiful halo-like glow that creates the desired atmosphere.

“I’ve always been drawn to different methods of lighting and the unique impact each one can bring – from ceilings to floors, desks and ambient lighting,” continues Hamlyn.

“Lighting plays such a vital role in any space. It can set a tone, create a mood, or facilitate a feeling of relaxation or something more upbeat. The correct use of different levels and types of lighting is important to achieve the desired impact and for lighting to be effective.”

Handcrafted by Collier Webb – designers and makers of luxury lighting, furniture and hardware for some of the world’s most beautiful interior spaces, this energy-efficient Eternity Light is manufactured from top quality solid brass.

“We wanted to bring it to life using timeless and enduring natural materials,” continues Hamlyn. “Our goal – to create a sculptural work of art that will be enjoyed and treasured both today and for years to come.”

The Eternity light was originally designed by Holly Hamlyn during her time in Cape Town in response to a national design competition for energy-efficient lighting. Upon her return to the UK, Hamlyn continues to combine her African experience and influence, incorporating it with the more traditional English style.

Holly's light reflected in a mirror

About HH Designs
HH Designs specialises in Interior Design, Art and Product Design. Founded in 2008 by up-and-coming interior designer and artist Holly Hamlyn, its goal is to create designs accessible to everyone and spaces and interiors to fit each individual’s unique personality. After a period in South Africa, Hamlyn returned to the UK and is currently based in London.

An interior residential project by HH designs

She brings her international experience and influence, incorporating the fresh South African look with the more traditional English style, to create her own dynamic signature style. HH Designs creates and collaborates to produce finished products inspired by international trends and ideas.

For more information on Holly Hamlyn’s Eternity Light, please visit www.hhdesigns.uk.

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Holly Hamlyn's Eternity Light Fronts a New Era in Lighting Design 2


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