The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins Get a Fresh New Look for 2020

The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins Get a Fresh New Look

Aberdeen’s The House of Botanicals has revealed a fresh new look for its unique range of Classic, Maple and seasonal Raspberry Old Tom Gins.

2020 has been a tough year for businesses across many sectors, but some are using these tougher times to reinvigorate their offerings to attract new customers. Take for example Adam & Steffie Elan-Elmegirab at the House of Botanicals (below); they’ve invested heavily in refreshing their Old Tom Gins, improving the look and feel of the existing design to make them even more appealing to customers.

Adam & Steffie Elan-Elmegirab

Gin production is a booming industry in the UK. Over the past few years, countless distillers have sprung up, and this is showing no signs of changing according to a recent report from Kantar. In fact, the drink is now so popular, there is now a Gin brand making the top 75 list of the most valuable UK brands, and this particular brand has seen a doubling in its shopper base in the past five years.

Glass of gin on a silver platter with sliced fruit

If you are not familiar with Old Tom Gin, here’s some background history. The drink has been very popular since the 18th-century, coming to prominence during the gin craze in the first half of the 1700s. It is regarded as the missing link between Dutch Jenever and London Dry Gin as it is slightly sweeter than the London variety. Over the years, a great many distillers have produced versions of the original and The House of Botanicals is one of them.

The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins

For 2020, The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins has gotten a brand new look. The bottles have new labelling, which better shows the quality of the liquid and they’ve also been designed with recycling and zero-waste in mind.

The labels are now printed on crystal salt paper sourced from Fedrigoni in Italy and are finished with a raised tactile varnish. The tamperproof watch-strap also introduces a strengthened seal which enables them to nullify the need for shrink-wrap, meaning the bottle is now 100% recyclable, or compostable in the case of the natural wooden cork.

They’ve also respaced the wording on the front label, and by rewording the text on the right-hand panel, they’ve been able to condense the size of the label and reposition it. The reason for this is to ensure that the bottle stands out on retail shelves and on back bars.

The three varieties of House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins

According to the people at the House of Botanicals, the reception for their new-look Old Tom Gins has been phenomenal, fully justifying the time and investment put into the rebranding.

The first units with the new look have already arrived with a number of wholesale and retail partners, with the first pallet also making its way to House of Botanicals partners in Italy. Further shipments will also take place over the coming days and weeks.

House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins is priced at £30.00 per 70cl bottle. More information can be found on their website

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The House of Botanicals Old Tom Gins Get a Fresh New Look for 2020 2


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